Sweetie has been away on a trip, so I’ve been working every night until I drop. Nice to get caught up on things, and nice to get ahead right before I take a trip myself (next weekend I’ll be tabling at Rose City Comic Con). Also nice to not really worry about dishes for two weeks. 😉

But tonight I went out to see a bluegrass trio, Harpeth Rising. Very enjoyable.

09/12/14 Out Of Their Shells

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  1. I don’t think therapists on Earth threatening to kill their clients would be considered acceptable treatment.

  2. I remember a Kate Wilhelm short story called (IIRC) “This Is Your Crisis” about people being put into potentially life threatening situations as a form of therapy while it was being streamed as a reality show. Fairly prescient for the late 60’s…

  3. I’m surprised there isn’t an actual reality show like that yet.

  4. @Craig, there is. It’s called “The Bachelor”. (Remember: the deadlier of the species?)

    @Christopher, re: sweetie’s absence and not worrying about dishes? In light of our conversation of Sept. 5 (“Bygones”) where you mentioned trying to do less harm, I’m assuming you’re using paper plates and eating with your fingers. Paper plates are compostable and fingers can be (SHOULD BE!) washed with soap frequently. I’ve found that silverware can be cleaned up with almost zero time and effort, so there’s no excuse for using plastic forks. And while you can use those Chinette paper bowls to boil water in the microwave, the results when using them over open flame are questionable at best.

  5. Or, maybe he’s just letting the dirty dishes pile up for two weeks, and not worrying about them. Until the night before she gets home…

  6. @Muzhik, we have no paper plates in the house. Or paper cups or bowls. And we don’t have a microwave. Otherwise I’d be ALL OVER that.

    @M.A., yes. Exactly.

    Well, essentially. I did do them this morning because I was running out. Mind you, I do like a clean kitchen, but sometimes it’s nice to just say f*@k it for a while. We all need our “f*@ck it” time.

  7. What, no microwave oven? I grieve for you Christopher.

  8. We have a toaster oven. We had a microwave, but got rid of it because we simply never used it.

    I know, some people really love ’em. Just not our thing I guess. :-/

  9. When the microwave uprising comes, you will be our saviour.

  10. I’d be running to the fabber…

  11. No paper plates? Well, eat right out of the pan, that’s what I do.

  12. Microwaves are fantastic for melting/tempering chocolate and for making jams. I use mine to reheat beverages or to heat my cuppa coffee or tea or reheat soup. That way I don’t have to leave the Mr Coffee or stove top on low to be able to have a hot beverage in the matter of a minute or so. It also lets me warm milk to just the right temperature to proof yeast or hotter to add to mashed potatoes, creme soups, etc. I also use it to kick-start softening of cream cheese and to blanch vegetables.

    Plus it is perfect for warming up a piece of homemade pumpkin pie on a chilly evening, and for making 7-Up salad (melting marshmallows).

    When I get up in the morning I want coffee or hot tea and I want it NOW! Microwave reheating works well for me and saves me quite a bit on electricity/gas costs.

  13. Finally got around to posting my review of the first Spacetrawler volume (bought it in 2012, read it on the way home, then disaster struck and I forgot about it until yesterday.) http://www.skjam.com/2014/09/14/comic-strip-review-spacetrawler-book-1-the-human-seat/

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