My sweetie has gone away on vacation, and so I’m writing and writing and writing. And then petting the cats, then writing some more. And my brain feels like it has melted. I think I need a walk.

09/08/14 Exhausting Position

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  1. Try a cuppa chai. If necessary, add rum.

  2. Or vice versa.

  3. Hmm. Lamont may have said “Definitely turd” in a way suggesting he may not think the situation is as turdy as it looks. If he’s an agent for the aliens, he may be there to evaluate how the crew reacts to an artificially crapastrophic situation and they’re not as doomed as they think.

  4. Coyoty, there was one murder on the ship already. So far the grade looks poor.

  5. @Coyoty, It seemed to me that Lamont was saying what he was saying as a way of saying, “I don’t care but I’ll listen and make approving noises until you go away and stop bothering me.”

  6. Lamont is the spy.

  7. With all this buildup, I bet the aliens were bluffing

  8. With all this build up, one might suspect that the comic will end with a “And they were never heard from again” right before contacting the aliens. D:

  9. Angie has no one to blame but herself for taking the captain’s mantle. Really. However this is how humans act and react, illogical and irrational—that is the core of Humanity.

    I would be working to find something to keep me occupied. Since I don’t do well with people I would be keeping to myself, but with the door open.

    Nice handling of characters as always Christopher.

  10. They are going to be annoyed when they find out how many humans got there ahead of them.

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