I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!





I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!

I had a good weekend. I painted (can’t show you because it’s a gift), saw Ralph Nader speak, made a huge pot of soup. A bit quiet (and lonely) with my sweetie away traveling, but it’s a good chance to get ahead on work, and the cats are happy to distract me as much as possible.


09/15/14 A Couch

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  1. Feelings… Nothing more about feelings… Of things I regret or feelings of love…

  2. Gawd! Nader’s still alive? I thought he would have died from acute enlargement of the spleen before now. He spent a lot of time angry.

    Cats will do that. It’s one of their saving graces.

  3. Anyone who thinks that all women express their feelings easily needs to eat my ex lovers. The gay men I’ve known have been far more into examining their feelings than the women.

    These two don’t talk like any gay man in my circle.

  4. @War_Pig, there’s a lot to be angry about.

    @LEH, yeah. I thought long and hard about this strip. I have known gay men who repress feelings (some of them at least). But I was thinking that it is likely many of the closeted gay men of today, are closeted because they are unable to express themselves enough to get over the hump of the stigma of being gay (which is still very present in hero circles). So, in the future, it seems more likely that there will be more gay men who aren’t so good at communication. — Which then brings us to the fact that the strip relies on two gender stereotypes. Yes, I’ve known plenty of men who are good at expressing their feelings and women who aren’t. And in the future these gender definitions will likely be all but gone, but not necessarily. So far the strip has not shown a lot of gender differences, but enough are there that in the reality of this world I think this exchange between Gordon and Lamont wouldn’t be unheard of. Which I guess isn’t the defining moment, because there will likely always be people who are emotionally reticent. The point is that Lamont calls attention to the gender stereotype, which might be unlikely. But then again, even if there is ANY awareness of such a gender division, when one is in one group looking at another group, one often calls out disparities, even if they are not really there.

    Like i said, I thought a lot about this strip. I hope my final decision wasn’t based on lazy writing, and I did go back and forth on whether I should draw the strip or scrap it. But there it is. :-/

  5. A pot of soup, you say? Ah-HAA! You DID do dishes, didn’t you! And if you made the soup without doing dishes, then, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass.

    No couch onboard, I can understand. Space and weight limitations on spaceships, and all that. But of all the things to miss and all the things to NOT take, why on earth aren’t there at least one, maybe two, ship’s cats?

  6. @Christopher

    Worry not, This strip actualy brought a smile to my face, because the two of them are communicating SPOT ON as a gay couple I know (Who incidentally just became engaged a few weeks ago). While it may not be an accurate portrayal of ALL gay couples, really, what would be? 😛 My point is, the dialogue is completely believeable, even by today’s standards^^

  7. It’s eating the soup that causes there to be dirty dishes. Yesterday I made a 7-quart crock pot of lentil soup (Italian version) and served it to thirty people or so in bowls made of cornstalks, or something. No dishes. All very ecological — the bowls and spoons can be composted (they say). Of course there is the crock to clean, but maybe it will clean itself it I stare at it long enough.

    The goodness of communicating one’s feelings may depend on the feelings. They are not always an unmixed benefit to others.

  8. Odd devilflamejr, I know a gay couple that act like this as well. Huh.

  9. I read his comment not as saying that women talk about feelings all the time, or that they are good at it, but that from what he has heard, they insist their men be good at it.

  10. The best One Way yet

  11. @Christopher, +Muzhik: Scrape the sinkfull of dishes into the pot, as starter for the stock, then…

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