Spent some of the day working on a grant proposal, and some on a residency proposal. Worked on a freelance job, and got some coloring done. Still feel out of it. I need toothpicks to prop open my eyelids.

The site is coming together though. Stewart C. Baker (fiction and poetry writer, check him out at Infomancy) has been working hard with the brilliant support of Corey here and there too. Yay!

The current plan is to have the main page show ALL the comics, and then have unique directories for each project. If you have any thoughts of functionality or design you think would be good, don’t hesitate to shout out.

10/17/14 Star Accuses

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  1. Well Lamont, she might have some soldier enhancements? From her time as a soldier?

  2. Wouldn’t that be interesting if they both have enhancements in the milspec range?

  3. Definitely make it so clicking on the comic images takes you to the next page. Makes reading through a bunch of pages so much nicer when you don’t have to constantly scroll/move the mouse back to the tiny next link.

  4. @Prior_Semblance, we’re looking into the possibility of that. not sure if it will be possible without using comicpress, but fingers crossed!

  5. As long as RSS keeps working, site navigation doesn’t matter too much to me!

  6. Has it occurred to anyone else that a certain someone may have only APPEARED to be sleeping and may have deliberately muttered that ‘in his sleep’ for her to hear? I’m really not sure which is the culprit, but I do think it’s one of the two, now. Thing is, I think most of what he said was way too convenient, what with including the explanation for how he heard that in his mumbling… But that’s my take.

  7. I’m pretty sure she just did blame you for that, man. That was the meds part, remember?

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