I need my days to slow down. It has been non-stop and I can’t seem to get caught up on all the extra stuff so I can get caught up on the other stuff. But the residency was mailed off, and the grant application is now ready to go. Almost.

I still ate okay today and played racquetball. Remember that lesson, kids! It’s important to take care of yourself.

And I had some cookies. Because that’s important too.

10/22/14 Lamont Confesses

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  1. Told ya they were a bomb. But… Lamont says that’s what the SSA wants, not what HE wants.

  2. Good thing Star turned on the intercom so everyone else could hear his evil monologue.

  3. I think if it was what he wanted, he would have voted for that option. Didn’t all of them vote to continue with the mission as it was originally set out, except the one who voted to turn aside and look for a habitable planet instead?

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