The jet pack was my Chekov’s gun. 😉

Listening to T.H. White’s “The Once and Future King,” and I’m enjoying it much more than I should. The mournful love between the characters, the desperate desire to avoid war.

10/24/14 Prepare To Die

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  1. Ah, I figured she had an ace up her sleeve somewhere. I’d forgotten about the jet pack though.

    Bravo, well done.

  2. Oh man, the *CHUFF!* sure takes me back.

  3. Normally, I’d enter suspension of disbelief when faced with something like this, but since I know you’re trying to make One Way scientifically plausible: how the heck does he not faceplant with gravity enabled and the thrusters of his jetpack angled slightly upward?

  4. Seth, he probably would have if there wasn’t a Lamont there to cushion him. I don’t think his stopping was graceful.

  5. I love how the captain looks like he’s completely out of fucks to give in this. He’s freaking flying through the air on a jetpack after hearing the truth of what’s been going on his ship and attacking the man responsible, but he can’t be bothered to actually give a shit.

  6. “Plus, I’m drunk”

    Man, I miss Dimitri 🙂 Time to go re-read some Spacetrawler.

  7. @Coyoty: No doubt, but it doesn’t look like he should have gotten that far. Look at panel 2: the jetpack is providing downward thrust in addition to gravity. He should not be airborne in the first place.

  8. The jetpack is on low and he’s using it to essentially control his fall?

  9. @DERF; Thanks for reminding

  10. @Seth, it’s true. I guess I have three thoughts on it.

    1. maybe you’re right. Ha! 😉
    2. If in the the far future when we’re traveling across galaxies, if we HAVEN’T invented a jet pack, I will be VERY disappointed.
    3. within the rocket are also micro rockets. Plus a gyroscope.

  11. @DERF Tell Dimitri HI for me!! “And to our mothers! We are good boys, may you always love us!!” (http://spacetrawler.com/2010/03/31/spacetrawler-28/)

  12. Huzzah! I was desperately hoping you’d redeem the Captain. Well played, sir!

  13. I agree with Stu; jetpack ’cause JETPACK. :p 😀

  14. Lullaby Baxter’s “Jetpack” (a song my brother produced and co-wrote).

  15. I would expect the pack to not have hot jets. And to fly like that some kind of a energy field to lighten the load.

    Oh boy is Lamont shocked. I’ve been shocked like that, didn’t fell the pain at first when by scratch pen when into my hand. Looks like he got it square in the heart. Amazing he is still standing for so long….

  16. Maybe Jetpacks were invented long ago, and it is a nice word, so they keep using it, even though this is an anti-gravity thruster? The emissions don’t really remind me of jets, anyway…

  17. Heck, forget thrust vectors. Any real jetpack would immediately burn your legs off. They work in comics, movies, and other stories for the same reason Miyazaki’s fantasy aircraft manage to fly in his movies: just because it looks so damn cool.

  18. Oh geeze I just realized I had the wrong URL entered for the feed here, and had the whole thing accidentally hidden anyway – stupid defaults. Guess I’ve got some CATCHING UP to do.

  19. Gyroscopes fix everything!

  20. Just don’t pull the knife out. A wound there, even after the heart stops pumping, is going to dump a H*LL of a lot of blood all over the place.

  21. Half expecting the captain to say to Orion next: “can I get laid now?” and then pass out before star and the captain are confined to their cells by the others who don’t believe them, LOL

  22. On the jetpack trajectory issue: what if falling faster is the point, and the idea is to slam into Lamont with as much force as possible to get him off Star?

  23. @Arthur: That would make sense in a low-grav environment, or if he had waited until he was practically on top of Lamont and then took a nosedive, but neither of those conditions holds here (the ship is designed to simulate Earth-normal gravity).

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