Happy Halloween. I’m going to a party at a friend’s place. Going as cookie monster, sort of an outwards appearance of what my soul really is. I’d show you a picture, but I only have the material and the plans and am making it Friday, so you’ll have to wait until Monday.

10/31/14 Lamenting Lamont

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  1. @Coyoty: The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Especially the genocidal intentions. Those are basically mortar.

  2. Abstract genocide! Killing a whole species of thoughts…

  3. Jesus! Past tense of to lead is led. So it follows it’s spelt ‘misled’.
    The only lead that’s pronounced like led is the metal!

  4. Love the comic. Read them all from the beginning recently.

    Question: on panel 4 – shouldn’t that be “misled” (past tense of mislead)? Or is misled/mislead one of those British English vs. American English spelling differences?

  5. Actually, he meant “my sled”. It’s a Citizen Kane reference.

  6. Love a good citizen Kane reference to start my morning

  7. Ha! Thanks, y’all. “misled” has been fixed. 🙂

  8. Abstract genocide is the nicest kind….?

  9. Gosh this could be an apologist for the Nazis and our own imperial blood baths and make it sound like a six year old’s bit of mischief.

    I just wonder if he did anything to stop it?

  10. Gordon considers it abstract since it hadn’t happened yet and may not.

  11. Night-Gaunt: Love can do crazy things to someone in any kind of relationship; just because they were a homosexual couple didn’t mean they weren’t very much in love with one another.

    That’s not just some genocidal, snarky old bastard laying there with a knife in his chest; that also happens to be someone that Gordon cared a great deal for; someone he was covering for because of his feelings for the man.

  12. Given what I’ve noticed in the American press–namely that they seem to have completely stopped using the incorrect “pled” as the past-tense for “plead”– now you hear, “the defendant pleaded guilty”. Perhaps it should be “misleaded”? Oh the story of English!

  13. “pled” is not “incorrect” — it’s just not a standard form in your part of the world. The Shorter OED lists “pled” as “now chiefly Scot., dial., & N. Amer.”. American dictionaries list both forms.

  14. Misled by whom?

  15. @Rosebud, that brings to mind several puns about criminal defendants having “pled” to death.

  16. This is the most anticlimactic genocidal supervillain reveal ever.

    Well done.

  17. Hey Rosebud, you know there are two ‘i’s in aluminium? Tomato doesn’t rhyme with potato. Perhaps you’ve been ‘misleaded’ into thinking American english is an actual language. Are you going to start spelling nuclear as ‘nuculer’ because someone as learned as your last president pronounced it that way?

  18. Hey Damo. Languages evolve, constantly. American English dialects could easily be considered the predominant form of English given that it has more native speakers than other dialects and also the global reach of American culture.

  19. American culture? That’s oxymoron, is it not? 😉

  20. “abstractly” … or “in the abstract”?

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