I always find it surprising how easily one crisis can make me forget about another crisis (at least for the moment).

11/26/14 Gordon’s Bafflement

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  1. Is this an appropriate time for a Vagus joke?

  2. Go for it, Vagus is always a good place to gamble.

  3. Why are so many of the towns in Nevada named to sound like something anatomical?

  4. Apparently what happened to Vagus didn’t stay in Vagus’ fellow crewmen’s minds. I don’t remember them remembering him.

    Which he’ll remember when he finally comes out of where he’s hiding and reveals he’s a saboteur too for someone else and thought it would be easier to accomplish his mission if he faked his death but Lamont was doing his job for him so he took it easy until Lamont died and ruined the ruining so now he faked being an alien which explains the instant communication because he’s right there and he’s sending a recording back to Earth so the ship’s destruction that he has to do now will be blamed on the aliens and any feelings he had against killing everyone are gone now because they fondly remember Lamont who they knew was trying them and not him whom they didn’t know was trying to kill them too. So boom.

    What didn’t happen to Vagus stayed with Vagus.

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