02/03/10 Waking Up


The last editor I have to mention is Marianna Hane Wiles, the Managing Editor of Trillium Editing who I met in Portland through mutual friends. I later did a silent comic in my Water Street project  called Mariana 1/365 (spelled according to the tales, rather than her own), which her name made me think of. A page of the artwork from that piece went into her possession, and from her, an offer for editorial assistance if I ever needed it. Here, I finally had the opportunity to ask her assistance.

And she gave it. Extremely thorough, both in overlying themes and character, but as well on an individual strip level. I also was very clear to what kind of feedback I desired as well as asked her specific questions. She complied with all that to the letter, thoroughly, intelligently and very organizedly. So if you’re needing an editor, hire her. Really.

Thanks, Marianna!


  1. Frank

    I actually looked this up (rather difficult when you don’t have a Russian keyboard). “Другую целуху” apparently means “another kiss”. Not too strange, considering what we know so far of what Dimitri is like.

    “Otra persona se ha despertado” means literally “Another person has woken-up”. “Another person” may sound weird in English, but the fact is Spanish is one of those languages that puts a gender on everything. If you don’t want to be gender-specific, you have to use words like “person”.
    This makes me think Martina isn’t the only girl awake. I’m guessing that hat in the corner means Emily is sitting up right.

    I also see that Nogg has “the hat that doesn’t go well with any jacket” with him

  2. Christopher

    другую чепуху. Not a kiss. Don’t remember what it means, and I used google translate, so it’s likely inaccurate and I’ll never know. Ah well.

  3. Shere Khan

    it means “some other nonsense”. which would even suit the occasion, but alas, it’s not in its neutral form (that would be “?????? ??????”). so it’s something like “about some other nonsense”. anyway, still much better than Russian signs that turn up in movies now and again…

  4. Night-Gaunt

    I’m surprised the chip implanter wasn’t already on their heads or had been implanted so that when they wake up they could understand each other. But then that was sacrificed for some funny and interesting business.

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