06/14/10 The Apex Speaker


I made quiche again. And chocolate chip cookies. My girlfriend was dive-bombed by the hummingbirds, who love that we feed them as long as we don’t go near the feeder. Had a really nice correspondence about humor and editing with fellow sci-fi cartoonists Tom Dell-Aringa of Marooned. Plus for the next week we have sun in Seattle. All is well.


  1. Come on, Yuri! There’s got to be some game you’ve played that you can take inspiration from!

    Of course, whatever you do, don’t say “My name is Yuri Nakagawa and I’m looking for a bathroom”

    Hey! Just noticed Kreill’s pot is on treads! Hmm… shit on treads…

  2. I love “Mustache Eyes” (hilarious) and “Turtleneck Alien” and I wonder what’s at the top of Kuu-Drahc’s head, since it’s always hidden by a balloon. Your alien inventiveness is awesome.

  3. Found you recently by following a link from Unshelved. Decided to dive into your Archives. I like what’s been happening. art is decent. Story is engaging, and the characters are enmeshed in and expressive in their personalities.

    Additionally, while it hasn’t made me LOL (yet), I find myself smirking over Coyote-Psycho and the Russian more and more. and since I’ve got nearly a Year’s worth of archive to dig through, it probably won’t be long before you do get me to LOL.

    BTW, I liked Bruno, and read it ’till I lost a job a ways back, and lost the link with the laptop 🙁

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