07/12/10 Dimitri and Pierrot Retreat


Strips are now priced at $80 (plus $6 s&h)

The majority of you (from my poll) said that the price of $120 was fair, but some asked for a lower price, and many said that in the current economy that they couldn’t afford $120. For that reason, and after much deliberation, FOR NOW, they are being sold at $80.

So, go. Peruse. Purchase. Follow the big blue square. There is also links to the original artwork so that you can see what you’re purchasing.

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Regarding today’s strip, if you feel at all lost,Β THIS LINK will bring you the the strip where Dimitri goes to Gahhrt’s bakery (and then meets her daughter), and immediately after Gahhrt’s bakery is the strip where Pierrot sees the Furryite Sandwich Shop. Or you can click on the Dimitri or Pierrot tags below.


  1. The Furryite sandwich shop just went from a shop that old sandwiches made from furryites for customes, to sandwiches made by furryites of customers. Mind you, they’re probably tastier.

    And, is Dimitri’s grandmother going to find out about him selling her recepie? It would be interesting to see Intergalactic Court Case 71,210: Sokolov Vs. Sokolov

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