07/14/10 Back at the Parking Garage


For those who looked through the archive on Monday only to find all the strips “SOLD,” that was a glitch. Plenty are still for sale. My apologies.

And thank you for those who purchased! I’m glad that ball is rolling.

So they’re leaving Tornitus 6. Funny how for months I was planning that out, and then it took about 2 months to play it out. But I’m very happy, as well as excited for all that’s next.

If you want to read their visit to Tornitus 6 all together, it starts here in the archive, or read it via the TAGS here.

I haven’t had the time to keep up on news or anything the past couple weeks. Been writing short stories and spending time with friends. For some reason I’ve had suspense/horror audiobooks on rather than sci-fi. Then I suddenly switched over to Burroughs’s “Tarzan,” which is amazing, except on occasion when it gets too far into stereotypes. Having recently read “The Moon Maid” I am surprised how much he manages to rein himself in.

All is well in my world. I need some tea.


  1. Wait they’re leaving Yuri behind to do a prison scene? Not that she isn’t smart enough to figure out how to escape, but still…
    And Emily hat! You can’t leave Emily’s hat behind!
    Also love the effect of Kuu-Drahc’s speech bubble in the last panel. And what a discovery! Nogg’s eyes have whites after all!

    As for Tarzan, it was written in 1914. Going too far into stereotypes was not only expected, it was funny. Luckily, we’ve come a long way since then, and now find it offensive.

  2. JKCarroll

    You know, with all the talk about the Germans taking revenge against Paul the Octopus and serving him up for dinner, I can’t help but notice: Khu-Drac reminds me an awful lot of a squid. I wonder if he likes drawn butter…

    Or is this one of those silly rules the GOB has against sentient species eating each other? (Or sapient… whatever…) It’s silly rules like that that keep beings from watching legislative proceedings on GOB-SPAN.

    FWIW, if you go take the tour of the State Capitol building in Topeka, Kansas, the guides will point out the bullet holes still in the walls of the legislative chambers, where State Representatives had measured debates over legislation. (Measured in the number of bullets used, that is.)

  3. Christopher

    thanks, @michaeljpatrick!

    @Frank, Thanks! Oh, and Nogg has saucer eyes previously, the two i found were here and here. And Tarzan, I know that it was partially the time period (although there were exceptions), but I still find that angle of it dulls an otherwise lovely read. It almost feels like the formula for all that is compelling-yet-not-terribly-interesting about hollywood, and perhaps it is. πŸ™‚

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