09/01/01 Nogg’s Previous Crew



Yesterday we went roller skating. It was a crisp late summer day, and as she skated farther, I spent a lovely time resting on a dock, barefoot.

Thanks to E3E for the recommendation on the Runner’s World forums. When bad rears it’s ugly head, here at Spacetrawler it’s our core philosophy: RUN. Run like hell.

Now I just have to figure out how to weave “free-style space yachting” into the comic.


  1. JKCarroll

    It’s so hard to believe that the creature (Kuu-Drahc) that had a face that looked like a squishable toy you find in those games at the arcade has grown up into someone with such an upside-frowny face. Just two words for you, Kuu-Drahc:


    (Wait … that’s one word, isn’t it … Uhhh … Oh, never mind. Just pass me another quarter. If I can just get that hook under the arm, I can score that doll in the corner…)

  2. I guess that probably would be quite a struggle, especially if rather than sailing with wind, you use the gravity of spacerocks (those in Saturn’s rings might do it; I don’t think there’s anywhere else where spacerocks are close enough to eachother.)

  3. Christopher

    Yay, vest! πŸ™‚

    @JKCarrol, it was fun figuring out what the young Kuu-Drahc would look like, and that I felt Choan and Nogg wouldn’t look much different.

    Thanks, @Sardtok! I’ve been working too long hours, that’s two spelling errors in a row! Will fix as soon as I get a moment.

    I know, @Frank, Many opportunities for Space Yachting antics. Fun! πŸ™‚

  4. Mike

    The gravity between rocks on the rings of Saturn would not be substantial enough to force a ship. However, solar winds may be a viable natural propellant. You would need to be awfully close to the star and have some incredible safety technology to make that work. Of course if the stars gravity overpowers the solar wind, I can’t imagine this being anything but a 1 way trip. Meh, stupid idea but I wrote too much to just delete it.

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