10/06/10 Making G.O.B. Plans


Our cat Girle was ill, but is feeling better. I went to a figure drawing class after having been away from them WAY too long. And Dan just blogged about chanterelles, which are nearly the most perfect food on earth. Life’s on the upswing.

Yay! Another piece of fan art. I get a kick out of seeing other’s interpretation of the cast. This one’s a lovely drawing of Yuri by my friend Tom Dell’Aringa over at Marooned, which I’ve also added to the “Fan Art” page (in links on the right). The kitty chest-plate made me laugh. Thanks, Tom!



  1. Tom drew Yuri? Wow… just wow.

    Speaking of Yuri, though, I’d think that the best argument for her not to speak is the absoloute disaster she was as a trade rep. I’d go with charm, but Dimitri seems to have gotten way to into zapping himself.

    You know, I was thinking, the computer supposedly singled them out as most wiling to help them; too bad it didn’t consider if the team would be well balanced (or rather, considering how entertaining it’s been, too good?)

  2. Has the G.O.B. certified humans as sentient yet? It seems like the easy thing to do for the Bad Guys would be to get humans declared non-sentient (and they have an excellent specimen for that in custody), and therefore not eligible for a seat on the G.O.B. This would also clear the way for the mining interests in the outer planets.

  3. Kathleen

    Dear Chris,
    Have I told you how much I love your coloring? I was really surprised when I found out you physically just paint sepia tones and then computerize over it. But whatever you do, it’s organic looking and beautiful. And the way you draw! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I like it a lot.


  4. Christopher

    You might want to check out some of my other cartooning experiments at http://www.baldwinpage.com/waterstreet.

    The whole process with Spacetrawler was a blind dive, I knew I wanted to do washes and with a looser cartooning style than I’d been doing with Little Dee, and use 3-D sketchup models for references, and at the last minute decided it’d be in color and figured that out.

    Similar styles I was mightily influenced by and recommend reading though would be Blain’s “Isaac the Pirate” and Sfar’s “Vampire Loves” and “The Rabbi’s Cat.”

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