10/11/10 It Never Sleeps


It’s been an draining week. Our cat, Girlie has relapsed and been getting more and more ill, and after several vet visits we still have no idea what is wrong with her. But we keep keeping on. I took my girlfriend to see Bach cello on Saturday, to get her mind off things a bit.

Otherwise, things continue as normal. Mike Peterson released 3 teaser chapters for our newest newspaper serial “Hootch” which you can see at teachup.com (and ask your local newspaper to run!). His site also has multiple other works I’ve drawn for his stories). Also, this week, I drew part of the cover for Spacetrawler book#1 (due hopefully in early 2011). In the news, the usual, Robot cars and possible culprit of bees dying. And lastly, a lovely piece of art:


Above is a new piece of fan art I was sent. It’s Yuri (of course), in a piece titled “Fishing for Compliments” (referring to the Spacetrawler strip “Locked in the Bathroom“). This was drawn by Jessica Sexton who’s work you will find on DeviantArt. You can leave comments on her DeviantArt page for this drawing here (if you’re signed in on their site). You’ll also find this image residing, with other contributions, on my Fan Art Page.


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