08/18/10 Locked in the Bathroom


First off, a thanks to Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja for the kind words. For the few of you who haven’t seen it, you should definitely check out his strip — excellent, funny, action packed and wonderfully drawn.

Earlier this year at the Seattle Emerald City Comic Con I had the good fortune to table with him at the Topatoco Island. I was the shy quiet one who didn’t know hardly anyone.

Speaking of which, I will be at NEWW in Easthampton, MA, November 6th & 7th, again at the Topatoco booth. I won’t have Spacetrawler books until next year, but my Little Dee books and other merch will be there.

Anyhow. Nothing else. Here’s a wash I did recently for my grandmother of me at Shoreview park.


  1. Dustin’s almost as bad as the kid in those jokes that go
    Kid: You’re a dork!
    Kid’s mom: Johnny! Apologize!
    Kid: I’m sorry that you’re a dork.

    On a side-note it’s funny that Dimitri always has his guns with him, even when going to the bathroom (yes, I know probably should’ve commented on this back when Pierrot made it noticeable, and that would’ve let me comment on Yuri’s legs)

  2. JKCarroll

    Let’s see…
    Super intelligent … check
    Sexually adventurous … check
    Superhero-style arms and legs … check
    Cat ears … check

    … sigh …

    This can only end in tears …

    BTW, I’m glad she didn’t take Flineous’ tail. Not only would it make finding a decent pair of jeans even harder, I’m afraid it would be like the capes in “The Incredibles”

  3. I love your debunking of the “Shoot the control panel to open the door” trope. I’ve always been skeptical about that.

    I figured Yuri would go for mechanical limbs over cat ones.

    Also, I’ll be going to NEWW, and I look forward to meeting you there! 🙂

  4. JKCarroll

    @Coyoty, my guess is the chest panel is the power supply controlling the cyborg servos. Given her capabilities now, I’ll bet they’ve got to keep a hefty supply of D-cells handy.

  5. Zazzy

    I guess everyone is super familiar with this comic because to me the best scene is the classic look on Dustin’s face when Yuri rips the door off. Then the classic walking backwards while standing still/ taking my foot outa my mouth.

  6. Wood

    @ Sean K : If I was to design automated doors with a control panel, I would make them so that they’d unlock in case of control panel malfunction, short-circuit or power outage. To avoid people being trapped inside in case of fire, explosions, EMP, etc…

    Of course, there should also be an “emergency exit” button inside, or something like that. If you look at automated doors on buildings, trains, etc, there’s always a way to override the controls and open them manually (although sometimes you have to trigger an alarm to do that)

  7. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, my first reaction when you mentioned storing Pocky in there was, “Pocky? I LUV Pocky!”

    Then I suddenly flashed back to 7th grade when I first … ahem … “let my fingers do the walking”.

    *Then* I pictured someone trying to “cop a Pocky” without Yuri’s permission…

    … *shudder* …

  8. @ Wood: As an engineer I fully agree that things like automated doors should be made, as we call it, *fail-safe*.

    However, human (and, I asume, alien) designers can make mistakes. In the newly rented building I’m working in — for the day job — there are showers in the changing room. These two showers have motion sensors that will only open the water valve (you have to preset the temperature) when someone is actually under the shower.

    So far so good (I hate it: I like to get the water running before I step under).

    The system is battery-powered. And if the battery power fails (like, for example, by the battery running empty), then the electrically-controlled water valve will *open*. Which, of course, happened during a weekend when no-one was in the building.

    So the next Monday morning the dressing room and part of the building were flooded, and we had to shut off the main water valve, and had to find out what really happened (we had just rented the building). That took a few hours…;-).

    Just to say that designers *do* make mistakes.

    And Chris: keep up the good work!

  9. stevegallacci

    Looks like Dimitri is packing Makarovs. If you want to try one, I have one in .380, pretty much the same as the original 9mmMak. (it would have been a fairly weenie choice for attempting to shoot though a canopy, however. The old Tokerov in 7.62X25, still not enough, would have been a more credible choice, but younger Russians would likely distain the pre-Great Patriotic War tech)
    Glad to see Yuri got her cyborg limbs. The Iron Man style rockets seem a touch over the top, but not at all complaining, and a perfect punctuation for the scene.

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  11. JKCarroll

    @stevegallacci, sorry I missed your comment earlier. Say what you will about Russian “pre-Great Patriotic War tech”, D*MN that stuff LASTS! And you can fix it in the field under fire by yourself.

    (Kinda like how I feel about US pre-1967 autos: sure, you didn’t get the 50+mpg they’re getting now, but you could tune one up in your own garage without needing a computer and using only a screwdriver, a wrench, a flashlight, and a book of matches.)

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  13. Night-Gaunt

    More like Astro Boy limbs since he could do that too before Iron Man. Ah Yuri, if only you were real. I’d try to date you or even know you in a second. All that time reading SiFi for years. After that minor differences are welcome, not a reason to shun. Go X Men!

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