11/29/10 The Reasonable Other


In the last panel, Martina is, of course, referring to her actions in this strip from a month ago.

Oh, and make sure you get your orders in to Topatoco for items you’re buying for gifts, their shipping cutoffs are approaching quickly.

I had a good sci-fi week. I watched both Gattaca and Dark City. Gattaca had some good sci-fi, although I wish it had more exposition, such as Uma Thurman’s character’s obsessiveness with self criticism and how that ties it in to our modern lives (which they kinda summed up in one line). Dark City was slightly cheezy, but a fun sci-fi premise (although it is an old one: Socrates allegory of the cave), and all the confused loose ends tied up pretty well. I think I preferred Dark City‘s tone (personal preference, not based on quality necessarily), and William Hurt’s final shot, him looking back and what he’s looking at, was worth the whole film.

All in all, things are fine. Working on pre-press for Spacetrawler book one (if  you know an agent or publisher, please, pimp me). I also made penuche fudge this week, which I blogged about over at Cookrookery. Cheers!



  1. Justme

    @meirnon, it’s not armed, it just shoots bubbles! The GOB likely thought no one would get that far, and if they did, they’d just laugh thier asses off later at how Dustin expected it to be real!

  2. I love how Martina still worries about Dustin when he’s pressing a death ray against her windpipe (panel 7 if you haven’t noticed). Be “reasonable”, Martina, give it to him!

    Also, Dustin’s really not paying attention. The STLDBJL is obviously what Interplanet Amity is (or at least the impression Nogg has given that it is)

    @Justine: If that’s true, Martina could be in trouble

  3. @Chris/Justme: I don’t know. If the GOB knows how incompetent Dustin is, yet need him to keep Earth’s diplomacy under their control, a laser doesn’t seem like a wise decision. Because some people (humans) like shooting themselves in the face (Dmitri).

    Maybe it’s bubbles.

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