01/03/11 Discussing the Aftermath


Well, it’s a new year. Welcome back. Hope you all had way too much fun, but not so much that you are having to deal with legal ramifications.

I did mention that in the new year I’d be doing a website re-design. That is still scheduled, and I still welcome ideas. But if you expected it today, I’m sorry to say it won’t be until the end of January or into February. Right now I’m working non-stop on pre-press for book#1 and then will be working non-stop on finishing the work for my Alberta Street “Last-Thursday” show this month in Portland.

Anyhow, as part of the New Year, I would like to thank the top ten sites who linked to me. It is through you all, both linkers and readers, who are my supportive community, and who have helped Spacetrawler grow. Thank you for making 2010 great.

1. io9
2. Dr McNinja
3. Scenes From a Multiverse
4. Girls With Slingshots
5. Fleen
6. Arthur King of Time and Space
7. Rice Boy
8. Goats
9. SoulGeek
10. Marooned

Special thanks to Katie Lane along with Bill Mudron, Dylan Meconis & Erika Moen for talking so kindly of me (I am “the shit!”) in her podcast and blog (part 1 around 52.:30, although you should listen to all of it and part 1 as well), and thanks to Nora for her mention of Spacetrawler on her blog.


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