01/05/11 Turning In


Today is the last strip in the story of book #1. Sort of. Next week will have a post-script strip as well as a preface strip. But This is essentially it. So, if you wish to re-read the strip from the beginning, you have a little over a week to find the time before begins book #2.

Pre-press goes along well. There were some visual inconsistencies in the early strips which I almost have fixed. And I finished the cover today, which I am very pleased with. I have funding and a printer lined up, so cross your fingers for a book sometime in March. With any luck before Emerald City Comic Con (where I’ll be tabling), but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Oh, and my girlfriend and I visited a costume shop. This is Mr. Astronut, blasting off!



  1. TGS

    Aww … nog actually look as though he misses Martina … a very sobering page – not a joke in sight. How unusual and quite nice storytelling for all that.

    Well done on creating such a good capable and regular webcomic this year!

  2. War Pig

    Welcome me back into the fold. I checked in, read the last few strips and then went back and read them front to back. I must say, Dimitri gets more alien poon than Capt Kirk got. Who knew the universe was so adapted to fit human sex organs? The story developed better than I thought it would and the art sorted itself out. I’ll stick around and see what the next chapter brings.

  3. camelama

    i’ve been fascinated by the fact that even though your comic contains violence, blood, gore, etc …. it doesn’t bother me at all. And this from someone who can’t watch cop shows on TV because of too much gore, or read mystery novels because of the glee some writers take in rolling around in the gore verbally. So …. Kudos? 🙂 No, really, I mean it in a positive way. I keep reading – and I await updates eagerly.

  4. Nomi

    Interesting, though, that Nogg seems more grieving than Papi. After all, Nogg’s known Martina’s fate for some time, whereas Papi just learned it today. You would think Papi would be more upset.

    I went back into the archives to see what was said when Nogg first explained who he was and how he knew Martina, but for some reason my work LAN blocks the page “Martina’s Fate” as having “potentially damaging content.” Any clues what’s on there? Is there a spyware ad or something?

    How I love this comic.

  5. Christopher

    Welcome back, @War_Pig!

    @Camelama, I’m totally the same way. So I actually have to push myself to do any slightly-gorey scenes. But there must be some cartooneyness which I’m putting in it to ease both myself, and you! 🙂

    @Nomi, still waters run deep. And I think he’s had wayyy too much time to assume the worst and be sad about it. — And the block must be because they’re drinking tea. Do you work for a coffee corporation?

  6. Christopher

    Hey @Kelly, Topatoco doesn’t really have a system set up for pre-orders so far ahead. So, no pre-orders on this one, but I’m sure there’ll be enough to snap one up when they come out! 🙂

  7. Nay

    Who keeps a picture of herself in her room? I keep seeing this on television, too. A picture of someone and their friends or a picture of someone and their family, that’s normal. But just a picture of herself? How egotistical do you have to be?

  8. Christopher

    @Nay, egotistical? Maybe. Perhaps that was a day she wanted to remember, like her high school graduation. Pictures can remind us of times, places, experiences as-well-as possibly being a definition of one’s value-system covering the people in their lives. I freely admit to having some pictures of myself in places/times which I wanted to remember, not because I love gazing at my own image.

    On the other hand, perhaps her mother kept a picture of Martina in Martina’s bedroom, and occasionally went in there and looked at it.

    On the other hand, maybe she’s egotistical.

    Ad infinitum. Ad infinitum. Ad infi….

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