01/12/11 Book Intro


This strip is the “introduction” to the first Spacetrawler book. That is  our cat Cadfael and myself. My girlfriend did an awesome job taking the reference photos for me. We had lots of fun hamming it up. 🙂 (Monday will return with the beginning of Specatrawler book #2).

Book #1 was indeed shipped off to the printer on Monday, as planned. Possibly by this coming Monday I’ll have a time estimate from the printer as to when it will be complete. Oh, and when I do the webpage redesign, this strip will probably be moved appropriately to the beginning of the archive.

Thanks for the awesome link from 2ce(Deuce), also thank you to whoever edited into my Wikipedia biography that I’m doing Spacetrawler!

Spacetrawler…. spreh-spreh-spread the word.


  1. Christopher

    @Jordan, I have no idea what goes into the limbic fizzler, except a little stardust and a little won’t-forget-me-not. Oh, and I shoulda’ linked, the limbic fizzler also appeared in this strip (panel 5) (and is, of course, on the shirt).

    Thanks, @Matt!

    @Mmgood, he solved them so well, and was such a good monk, that he was reincarnated as a cat. And yes, that is where he got his name. And yes, as may be guessed, we sometimes call him CAT-fael. 🙂

    @Jeff, voted one of the best products to come out of the US ever.

  2. Ha, man this is GREAT Chris! I love it. What a neat idea for the book, and you did an amazing job drawing yourself. I could never do that. Really looking forward to the first book, can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it, and read it over a good Fizzler.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Jordan, you didn’t remember the recipe the other 9 times I made them for you! (And don’t blame me for your waking up in bed with your tax auditor … in Alaska … twice.) So just kick back and enjoy the strip.

  4. Waldhof

    What I like is that the postures, expressions and some of the monolouge are reminiscent of a blend between the old
    Random Frog Children strips with a touch of Tom Goes to the Mayor.

    But in Space. Which makes it way cool.


  5. Kelly McNutt

    I’ve imagined a Limbic Fizzler as something not too sweet, tequila-drunk dangerous and somewhat caustic. Nevertheless, the idea sounds good and I’d try one.

    So glad this strip will be in the book. Looking forward to buying it.

  6. Gillsing

    Behold the man who managed to have his cake and eat it too! I think that calls for a “great success”, especially considered that this cake is fiction.

    But unlike everyone else, I didn’t much care for this strip. I get a bit of an ‘uncanny valley’ vibe from it, where some aspects look too real while other aspects don’t look nearly real enough. It’s tearing my perception apart!

  7. Exlr8r

    Love the strip. Look forward to more. Is this Book #1 story line going to continue? If it is I have a twist for the plot line. If it is the last, then I surely have a part two 😉

  8. Zach Frank

    Great intro for your book, but equally great message to you fans between books. I can’t wait for the next one and great job making book 1. It’s been a pleasure, and I hope to one day have as much fun as you telling a story. Keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Christopher

    Thanks, @Jim (also, check out my comic I did between the two, Little Dee). And Ellie on Planet X is lovely, I just read a bunch and look forward to reading the whole archive (and just added it to my sci-fi links).

    Yeah, @Zach, I do have tons of fun. I feel very fortunate to have found a profession I love so much. 🙂

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  11. heng

    yes! definitely a treat…
    i am on my way from the start to the current strip and thought i’d stop by and tell you: “You’re awesome!”.
    well, not you in particular, we’ve never met, but your story and writing and drawing are stunning!

    you’ve got a new reader…

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