08/23/10 School Days



The we-met-back-in-school back-story in today’s strip inspired me to draw that, which is hardly a surprise since I happen to be re-listening to the entire series of Harry Potter books at present.

And, Hey! We will be walking to benefit a pot bellied pig sanctuary (they help pigs without homes) on September 4th. Even if you love bacon, you can support our walk by either Donating, or by participating in the auction I’m having for a drawing I did of  pot bellied pig: Bid on the Pig. Auction ends Wednesday night at 5:00pm Seattle time (every penny will go to the sanctuary). Help the piggies!



  1. Christopher

    @JudeParish, yeah, he does a superb job. Especially his MaggieSmith/ProfMcGonagall voice.

    @Joe, I’m sure that’s great too! I should try to find it. He did a great job with the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  2. JKCarroll

    Christopher, I must say, that is one fine pig! The only problem I would have is one of scale. There’s nothing to show the casual observer if that’s one of them thar pigs that would snuggle in the crook of your arm, or if it’s one of those you’d have to keep from munching on your rugrats for a snack.

    Of course, now that you’ve drawn that, you need to watch the FFA Swine Show – Iowa State Fair 2010 and see what all the hip carnivores are all talking about today. (I’ve long felt that any chef worth his-or-her garlic press should spend some time on a family farm — not one of those factory farms, but one where they respect the animals. Respect the animal and you’ll respect the meat.)

    On that web page, you can also find links to stories about the State Cake competition and carving the Butter Cow. Just the sort of things a proper rookery cook would be interested in!

  3. Herandar

    Hey Chris, just curious about how you came up with with ‘Cailthyite’? The word caught my attention. Also, I love Choan’s gills/design, and for some reason, the shaggy dog/Barney the Purple Dinosaur hybrid alien makes me happy..

  4. Christopher

    @Herandar, I’m afraid there’s nothing deep on that one. I played with different sounding words until I had something I really liked and sounded good. Originally i was going to use darkhuenium again, but decided that the galaxy would have many valuable ores, and not just one big mystical one.

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