01/26/11 Empathy for Potty-Bot


This Thursday, January 27th, I have a solo show hanging in the Alberta neighborhood in Portland, OR. Come say hello to me and see it at the opening! it’s at Written on the Body Masage Studio, and here’s all the info.

Show Title: “Studies in Red
Show opening: January 27th – 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Show run: January 25 – March 1st.
Show location: Written on the Body Massage and Acupuncture Studio
4934 NE 29th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 473-8515
Above Bernie’s Restaurant / Entrance on 29th / In the same office space as Bitch Media
Studio hours vary, see www.writtenonthebody.info for store hours or appointment.


  1. JKCarroll

    Pierrot got some good distance on that toss. We could use action like that on our fast-pitch softball team. If he available?

    It’s only right that he toss the potty-bot. It’s clear that Pierrot and Emily will wind up pitching woo, it’s only right that he now express his frustration by pitching … well… you get the idea.

  2. RIP Potty bot. August 20, 2007–September 29, 2010; and again October 18, 2010–January 24, 2011

    Also, just noticed that the potty bot is not tagged on the 2010/09/19 strip, nor on the 2010/10/17 strip. In fact, it appears no one is tagged in the latter one!

  3. McGee

    was that a quiet nod to the cyrius cybernetics coporation?
    your plastic pal who’s fun to be with!

    seeing potty bot get some air like that has started my day off right. Now if only Pierrot was making a basket with that shot lol

  4. Christopher

    @Frank, fixed!
    @McGee, No. But if you’re writing sci-fi humor the comparison’s to Hitchiker are inevitable. And the CCC was in my awareness as I wrote this strip. Like when I was coming up with a name “Limbic Fizzler”, I thought “ooh boy, I want to name the ultimate space drink, I better make sure it’s not similar to the pan-galactic gargle blaster.”
    @Rags, Pierrot is tossing the potty-bot into a huge shaft.

  5. Christopher

    @Mike, except that his instinct is to protect and not to kill. His protecting the potty-bot resulted in the alien falling to his fate. Then the potty-bot caused him to realize that the it is “nothing but” a robot, and that Pierrot’s first action of causing the alien harm was merely to save a glorified bucket of circuitry. To ensure this did not happen again, he tossed the bot.

  6. Joe

    @Herandar Since many of the aliens seem to be just like humans but with odd colors or some specific feature different, it may not be inaccurate compared to how things would really work…

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