01/31/11 Reclaiming Earth’s Seat


I have a convention schedule!

Spacetrawler Book #1 Release Party at the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA February 23rd, 8-10, if you haven’t bought a book yet (due out early-mid February), pick one up there, if you have, bring it on over to get it signed (and I hear they’re gonna invent the fabled (“invent the fabled”?) Limbic Fizzler, whee-hoooo!)

March 4-5 Seattle, Emerald City Comic Con (with Topatoco)
April 16-17 Portland, Stumptown Comic Fest
April 21-24 Seatac, Norwescon SF/F
May 6-8 Phoenix/Tempe, Leprecon SF/F
June 17-19 Philadelphia, Wizard Comic Con
Aug 26-28 Albuquerque, Bubonicon SF/F
Sep 11-12 Bethesda, SPX Small Press Expo (with Topatoco)
Sep 17-18 Boston, Wizard Comic Con
Sep 24-25 NYC, Wizard Comic Con

So, stop on by! I’ll post these again along with details of panels and etc I may be on closer to each date. And if any of you are on the ConCom (Convention Committee) for your local SF/F conventions and want me to be a part, drop me a line!

And some thanks. Thanks to Xavier Xerexes for a recent mentions over at Comix Talk here and here, and to Inky for the plug over at CoffeeTalk, and to Mr. D for the link from the NSFW Blonde Marvel (NSFW!). Thank you all!

And lastly, I thought I’d share a window into my process a bit. So, I needed to build a 3-D model of the G.O.B. Council Room. Not only that, I kinda’ needed to base the entire thing on one single panel I drew during the first month of Spacetrawler:

2010-01-11-spacetrawler_gobFortunately, I kinda knew I would be creating the room eventually, and so I had spent some time on making that panel good (AND I knew that the warthog-like “Narklon” would have some dialogue, so I put some time making sure it was a fun-looking character). So I took the design for the desk/chairs and combined it with a ornate centerpiece (which was designed after a chandelier) and this is what I built and now use for reference. Voila!



  1. I’m always suspicious of beings with that many teeth laughing… But hey, at least things appear to be going according to plan. Sort of.

    Also, be sure to post up a recipe for the Limbic Fizzler. I’ll want to try whipping up one (or two or three) myself.

  2. Either Pierrot is really good at finding seats, or he’s studied the map Yuri found earlier. Would have been awfully anticlimactic if he just stumbled into the hall muttering “I come to claim Earth’s seat, where is it?”

  3. Thomas

    Methinks that noodle head is the best name of a vilian – or best bad name for a best bad type of vilian I have ever heard. Most glad that Perriot managed athleticism after so long locked with PottyBot – an amusing experience for any frenchman.

    Speculation 1: I’d love to see a conversation of PottyBots (conversation being the plural of the singular PottyBot) may arrive to worship Perriot at the GOB Council Room – having their best agent suffer the rejection of a lifetime last strip, surely their programming requires that such a rejection be overcome by force, Wastebiotics surely would have designed them to act like this.

    Speculation 2: If this universe is a market economy, who pays for Wastebiotics to make pottybots, what revenue is gained by their snaking hose, pumping capabilities and waste collective capacity?

    Question : what do those pipe tubes hanging from the ground actually DO?

  4. Prior Semblance

    If they have a seat for every sentient species, including dark planets, then we’ve probably already seen enough species to fill ever seat o.o

    If they don’t have a seat for every species, then why have they kept an empty earth one that could be used by someone else? And since I’m asking questions, how come species never seem to hang out in groups larger than 2 =p

    Anyway, I wasn’t expecting this part of the plan to go so smoothly. Can’t wait to see how it goes wrong =p

  5. Holy hanging lamps, Batman! That must’ve been one kick-ass chandelier!

    I’m going to lay a bet on Pierrot getting his turn in 7 days (about 3½ Draak-sim rotations)… while he’s asleep
    And when he finally wakes up and begins speaking, he says “and therefore, I want to strike down my colleague’s proclamation” just after the fourth rotation has passed.

    Also, Kuu-drac (sp?) must not be as evil as I thought, He has a perfect chance to use the royal we and doesn’t take up on it

    @Thomas I was going to say it was some sort of cage to protect the Apex Speaker (being, after all, the most important person at any given time, and thus the most prone to attacks) but I like Chris’ idea better 🙂 Now the question is what the Soda Worms do for them to keep so many of them below the GOB council room.

    Also, I’d imagine it’s like any product in today’s market economy: they get mass-produced, and once they’re sold and their warranty expires, the maker forgets about them, being more concerned with selling the “2012 season” products

    @Chris: You know I was so sure you’d forget which species was sitting next to Earth by the time you actually got around to draing the council room. Thanks for proving me wrong

  6. JKCarroll

    @Joal: Oooo … laughing cat … very creepy.

    @Frank, re: Pottybots, I imagine it’s the epitome of the truism, “One creature’s bodily excrescence is another creature’s growth medium.”

  7. Christopher

    @Ty, a videogame would be awesome. @Nick Bacon, as would that T-Shirt idea. No plans for either, but they’re in the idea drawer of my mind now.

    @Nick Bacon, I have no idea. I am not familiar with it, but looking at a few strips, now i want to check it out. Link added. 🙂

  8. @James: If what you want to learn is how to model things, I recommend Anim8or. Blender is great, but has a very steep learning curve, so it’s really only worth it if you’re going to use all those modern extras (hair, fire, shrinkwrap, etc)

  9. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, funny you should talk about using Sketchup for making house plans. At the Tiny House blog I read, someone just posted a set of links on using Sketchup to model your Tiny House. You can find the collected links here.

    And BTW, I just heard a story on NPR about the only mural ever painted by Maurice Sendak, on the bedroom wall of the children of some friends of his. You can read the story and see the mural here. It reminded me of something you did back in your “Little Dee” days; and I hope you painted your mural so that in 50 years it, too, can be carefully taken down and donated to a museum.

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