08/16/10 Repercussions


I went and saw “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” (above is a wash drawing of Scott and Ramona I did this weekend), and my basic summary is that it is everything that “Hot Tub Time Machine” wanted to be. HTTM was trying to be this gaudy romp through 80s and 90s culture, but it ended up being a somewhat pathetic parody of itself and was slow and painful to watch. Scott Pilgrim was new, it was exciting, and it was filled with nostalgia and an earnest love for it. I loved O’Malley‘s books and felt the movie was an excellent adaptation of them (and I thought Kieran Culkin and Alison Pill were so perfectly cast (Wallace and Kim)).

Later in the weekend, we watched “The Extra Man” starring Kevin Kline. I found it a far less polished movie, and a lot of the writing was only carried by the strong acting of Kline and Paul Dano (John C. Reilly is a lovely actor, but I’m not sure I’m sold on him in this part). But it was sensitive and thought provoking.

We also watched 7Up, 14Up, and 21Up (we have more to go, they’re up to “49Up), the British movies which follow a group of kids of different classes through their lives. Fascinating.

So, whereas Pilgrim was so lovely and entertaining, Extra Man left me thinking and re-examining life (7Up was just nicely odd and compelling). In my book it’s apples and oranges and, um, kiwi maybe. My weekend was a good fruit salad.

I also made butterscotch pudding, but it came out a tad bit gritty. No plumes of smoke though. I’ll continue at it.


  1. JKCarroll

    I, for one, think the ears look good on Yuri. I also thought Yuri would take a quick trip through Flineous’ wardrobe, but I guess that wasn’t necessary. We already know that Yuri is …

    (wait for it…)

    … the cat’s pajamas…

  2. JKCarroll

    Sooner or later, though, someone is going to ask “Where’s Dustin”, and Yuri is going to get this look on her face. Here’s hoping she remembered to program one of the ‘bots to shove some food under the door once in a while. Here’s hoping even harder she didn’t arrange one of the waste disposal tubes to be used for food delivery.

    I just want to make sure he’s not wearing his fingernails down to little nubs scratching at the door. He needs to be banging on it with his foot, too.

  3. All right, bets are open. How many of you wanna bet the next time we see Flineous, he’s still wearing that headband? How many wanna bet he’ll have gotten a new pair of ears? How many wanna bet we don’t see him again, only hearing in passing he met his untimely death?

    On a side note, it appears Eebs don’t visibly age

  4. Christopher

    @chudleycannonfodder Thanks! Glad I kept you on your toes, and glad you liked the Scott Pilgrim drawing, it was fun to do. 🙂

    @Coyoty, only when she’s feeling blue. ta-duum-tsshhh!

    @Schlega, Thanks for letting me know! Yes, it was in error. Fixed!

    Thanks, @Tom. And I think i addressed most of the issues we talked about with the script for it. 🙂

  5. H.Cricket

    yes, but she’s gonna have masculine kitty legs… maybe they can remake them more femininish?
    @Coyoty, i thought of that too, hope the ship can make shaving cream!

    TY, though, I didn’t wanna see her ‘go’ so early in the strip.

  6. I think Flineous will continue wearing the hair band for mercinary-kred;
    Like a pirate eye-patch. He can hang out with the the other guy who has a cybernetic-lazer-knife hook for a hand.

    Though if Yuri has parts from Flineous, how many more did she take… is ‘she’ still the right term?

  7. “We can rebuild her, we have the technology. And if we don’t have it, the eebs can make it.”

    Android? More like a cyborg, I think. (And to be technical, if she was like an android she would be a gynoid! So there.)

  8. Christopher

    @Timo, a question for the ages. Perhaps Eeb hearts don’t restart like humans can. Or perhaps the moment blood stop getting to their brain, their telekinesis goes :snap: and it’s all over. Not sure.

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