10/04/11 The Fate Of The Hand


Inivisibility cloaks! Yesss!!! —- I mean… wait. Nobody else is going to use them besides me, right?

Ah. So, let me tell you about Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy. I’d read it before, but online and in snippets. It was lovely, but at APE I bought the collection, and I can tell you that reading the entire thing as a full story in one sitting was marvelous. Magical and whimsical and bizarre and lovely. How many years until a Vattu collection?

What convention to hit next. Shall I go backwards? Let’s see, the convention previous to APE was MICE out in Boston. It was a sweet little con, and it was nice to see Colleen A F Venable and KC Green. Um. Yeah. That was an easy con-report if I ever done writ one before. :)


  1. Holy Sh?t! Invisibility cloaks! I mean…. Holy Shi?!

    And yes, that’s exactly what college feels like. Hopefully without ending in the death we know awaits Martina.

    Also, Holey ?it, invisibility cloaks! Just… Holy ???

  2. Christopher

    @jegneoltgeg, ha!

    @Scott, I was scheduled to do the Wizard Comic Con in September, but they changed the date on me. Next year I’ll aim for NYCC (can’t do mocca because it’s the same date as Stumptown).

  3. CBob

    Invisibility tech looks nifty, but from the description it probable glows like a searchlight in IR. Plus it seems like something that would only work on surfaces that were at a relatively steep (say, <45 degree) angle to the viewer. I'd like to see how it works from a more head-on angle, or on a curved surface. I'd also like to see what the effect looks like in air (notice the video demo was underwater, and the text says it works better in water).

    However, reading the description of how it works, the sci-fi fan in me is squeeing over how perfectly the term "thermoptic camouflage" would apply.

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