04/23/12 Unexpected Guests


Yes, indeedy. I will be tabling at Stumptown (table C-12) alongside Kevin Moore. And yes, I will have Spacetrawler book #2, and yes i will have the larger reprinted Little Dee 8.5×11 two volume set. And hopefully they will look awesome (for I have not yet seen them, they arrive (cross your fingers) Wednesday, at which point I begin mailing them).

But there’s more!

I have a piece hanging in the newly-opened show “What, Me Worry? 60 Years of MAD” at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco through September 16th!

Go see it! Truly!

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, Skinhorse has a kickstarter going on for volume #3 (go, Shaenon!).

AND my good friend Teabutterfly has an Etsy shop. It’s really sweet. If you like bugs.


  1. MercuryFlash

    Little Dee in 8.5×11! Tell me more. Are the prints larger or did the 4 volumes get squished into 2? I hope it’s the former. I was always a bit disappointed, but understanding, about the small strip size in my Little Dee collection.

  2. Christopher

    @MercuryFlash, They are SLIGHTLY larger and 4 per page rather than three (and a little over 200 pages per book rather than 130). They were 6″ long, now they are about 7″. 🙂

  3. Thomas S

    I think this is one of the better Dimitri strips, which is saying a lot, but it is. I’d also love to see what the implications of a busted nut actually is … or are …

  4. ronald

    Okay, if that area with the speaker-thing is the Fahldwian’s mouth, I presume her startlingly phallic upper body is her approximation of a head which contains her approximation of eyes.

    Yeah, I’ll just let somebody else fill in the blanks on that one…


  5. ronald

    >>>…PARTLY responsible??

    Well, you know, nothing can ever REALLY happen unless the universe implicitly allows it…

    Besides, Red-9 didn’t expect the uber-Eebs to proceed as they did. She was confident that she could guide them, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    It occurs to me that, since (unless I misunderstood) all Eebs are created in laboratories via DNA samples, they probably don’t know much about sex. Keep that approxiscan ready, Dimitri…

  6. Actually, they’ve just got themselves hold of an unclamped Eeb. Build a spaceship, put him in charge, and you’ve got something just as good as a spacetrawler!

    Wait a second *rereads step two* uh, nevermind.

    PS: Fahldwians look like an awesome race

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