05/07/12 Planet Jupiter


///EDIT/// I finally got the colors done on this one. Here is the previous version I posted, if any of you are curious.

TCAF was the bomb. What a good time. I think my favorite part was that it was in a library and free. So it just felt very open and friendly.

And the time in Toronto, I was entertained and shown around and taken care of by Brian and Don (of the lovely comic Road Apples Almanac). Good company.

—-and just to repeat what I wrote above—-

So…. I was hoping the spacetrawler book #2 would arrive in early-mid april, but they arrived right as I hit these two comic conventions, and so it’s been a bit of a cluter-f*@$Ā Ā  keeping on top of it all.

And so with all that, I didn’t have enough time between Stumptown and TCAF to draw Monday’s and Wednesday’s strips. So I am posting abbreviated versions for now.

The final-with-color versions will go up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will just plow on with the strip uninterrupted, and will let you know when I have the finals for these posted.

Book #2 (and related items) should be in the mail this week or early-next.


  1. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, talk about being a trooper! Or a programmer. “Yeah, we made the deadline on that project. Now we just have to go back and debug the blessed thing.” “Think we oughta plan on doing a beta test next time?” “We got it to the customer. What do you think a beta test is?”

    Still and all, good show! Hope you enjoyed the conventions.

  2. Christopher

    @JKCarroll, ha! I keep telling people I’ve finished plotting four novels, all I need now is to fill in the words. Perhaps I should review my as-of-late mindset. šŸ˜‰

    Yes, TCAF (and all the peoples) was lovely.

  3. metaphizzle

    Well, now I don’t feel so bad about taking so long to answer that Kickstarter email with my address. (I was in the middle of a relocation and didn’t have an address at the time.)

    As for the half-finished comic, I quite like this sort of glance at the artist’s creative process.

  4. I just wondered: How long does such a panel take? Sketching … coloring … finishing? Could you sketch the whole process or did you already describe it somewhere?


    PS: I’m enjoying Spacetrawler a lot! And I’m missing it on Friday… just saying… šŸ˜€

  5. @Chris: Hey, that’s a pretty good idea! Maybe I should start telling people how many books I’ve plotted, “only” needing to fill the words in.

    Also, love the “oooooo! Jupiter!” Maybe you should leave the comic like this: Jupiter as the only thing in color makes it look even more spectacular

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Mihrgoots’ (sp?) spacetrawlers were busy manufacturing stoicism pills.

    @Jama: I think he once said a whole page took about 3 hours on backgrounds, 7 hours on characters

  6. Christopher

    @Jamma, in the beginning it took about 16 hours (not counting scripting). These days maybe more like 10. if it’s simple, and I don’t have to build any new 3-D models in sketchup, and there are no problems, maybe 8 hours. A couple hours to lay it out and pull backgrounds. A few hours to draw. An hour to wash. A couple hours to color. (and if Spacetrawler payed the rent, I’d do it three days a week, trust me. But it’s just not possible with other work on top of it)

    Good to meet you too, @Mark!

  7. John D

    I have to say that I like seeing the drawings. Gives me more insight somehow.

    OTOH, now I am confused about why the king’s fellow looks so much like Nogg sometimes. All will come clear eventually.

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