05/09/12 Dusty and Shuar Escape


**** 7/14/2013 I finally got this strip done. If curious, here is the “draft version” which was previously posted. ****
Phew. Arrived home today and am totally and utterly beat. Up at 4 which is 1 here. Travel days can be so long sometimes.

But I look forward to getting back on top of things. Books in the mail hopefully all this week, and the full comic back in full-color glory on Monday.

And now I get to sleeeeeppp…..

—–And as it says above the strip, repeated here…——

The same thing as with Monday’, I am posting the abbreviated versions of the strip this week for now.

The final-with-color versions will go up in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will just plow on with the strip uninterrupted, and will let you know when I have the finals for these posted.

Book #2 (and related items) should be in the mail this week or early-next.


  1. Corpore Metal

    Yay! Dustin! His stupidity is so powerful it’s been classified as the fifth force of nature, right up there with gravity, the weak nuclear interaction and electromagnetism!

    He’s kind of like Smeagol. Nobody wants him around but he may yet have a part to play in all this–to paraphrase Gandalf.

  2. MercuryFlash

    I’m enjoying this “under the hood” version of the strip. I can see how you use sketchup and then put the characters into the setting. It would be cool to see some other intermediate versions of these strips as they evolve into final version with and without typos. (I also liked the Little Dee strips first done on napkins.)

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