08/08/12 A Night Out


Ah, it’s been a busy few days. Dropped off some art for a local show. Anyone near Glens Falls, the Opening for the show “Larac 50/50” is friday the 10th, 5-7. Looks like some nice stuff. Plus 3 of mine from my red show. And damnit, I’m hoping for wine and cookies.

I also went for a bike ride. Beautiful country out here.

Links: There’s a very nice interview with my friend Jenn Manley Lee who does the amazing epic sci-fi webcomic Dicebox.


  1. Christopher

    @Marj, doh! Nope, not healed. I just adjusted the strip to how it should be. Apparently, I’m still not 100% back in my head as far as keeping things straight. Thank goodness I have you all to keep me in line. Thank you!

    Ha, and then I uploaded it briefly without text. Get some sleep, young lad!

  2. Christopher

    Excellent idea, @Coyoty, although despite its simplicity, it would require some text change which might be harder to explain and sound casual than the other solutions.

    @Eiríkr, Lower Adirondack region of NY. And the telephone pole, it’s still more vertical than horizontal — that’s good enough in my book (and the lens may be slightly fish-eyeing).

  3. ronald

    Don’t the people on the planet already know Luunock lives there and where to find him? If they didn’t, Krep could never have FOUND OUT where Luunock’s home was and Martina could never have met him in the first place.

  4. Christopher

    @Ronald, it is mostly concern Luunock has for Martina which is speaking here. So… I haven’t played it up much, but it’s a planet (especially in the stacks) where people can hide and be relatively left alone. I guess implied mostly by two points, that Krep had to weasel the address of Luunock out of one of the toughest bars in town and Luunock shows that he doesn’t want to be found by living in an armored bunker in the stacks. As far as wantedness: Martina is indeed very much wanted, although Luunock, as he puts it, is “not exactly a fugitive, but as long as I don’t make myself obvious, they leave me alone.

    Perhaps it comes across better when read all at once rather than twice weekly, perhaps not. Maybe I’ll add a line to the next strip to establish the concept a bit more.

    @Nock_G., Ha! That’s so wrong. 🙂

  5. Prairie

    “Han shot first!”

    That setting is similar to the scene in the bar in Star Wars IV with Han and Greedo.

    I LOVE that they’re in love! It makes me happy to see Martina get even a smidgen of happiness.

  6. ronald

    @Christopher: Perhaps in a subsequent strip, Mr. Zorilla could express confusion similar to mine, and Nogg could provide a quick overview/recap of how the various planet-settings fit together (or don’t; what the deal is with Tornitus-6 is, for instance, which Pierrot re-brought up not too very long ago). 🙂

  7. Night-Gaunt

    To answer your exclamation Prairie—Greedo drew first, and threatened murder of Han Solo. Justified shooting!

    So Martina isn’t dead just in hiding and still terribly injured. Unless the medical technology was used to keep her from dying from all kinds of problems that attend a class three burn. I wish she could get fully repaired.

  8. Muzhik

    Well, @Night-Gaunt, I’m sure once the ol’ gang gets together again, Dimitri will start nagging the eebs to invent some way to make cloned limbs, eyes, skin, etc. readily available for humans. Maybe some kind of nanotechnology so that no only will her damage be repaired, but she’ll maintain her youthful looks for years to come.

  9. Jonesy

    I guess it’s sensible when he says that little piece of food won’t make her look bad, the girl is half torched anyway. A little something that makes her even more fragile/helpless will definitely strenghten his love for her.

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