02/14/11 Krep Gets an Address


Been a nice week. Book was released (pretty!), there were (briefly) gumdrops in the cupboard, and I got a chance to even begin my taxes. How luxurious!

I should mention here that “Spacetrawler book 1 — The Human Seat” is NOT ONLY FOR SALE, but is also ripe to be nominated for the Hugos in the category of “Best Graphic Story.” So, if you wish to nominate it (you must already be a member Renovation, nominations due  March 26th), you have my support (and encouragement).

Oh, and if you want to express your pleasure with Spacetrawler on Goodreads, Matt has created a page for it there.

Some thanks to go out there. Thanks to James Anderson of “Ellie on Planet X” for his sweeeet graphic link to here as well to my other two comics Bruno and Little Dee. Thanks for the mention of the new Spacetrawler book from Xaviar Xerexes  over at Comixtalk, and Gary Tyrell over at Fleen. Also, Rembrand Le Compte (Beardfluff) mentioned that Spacetrawler’s one of his favorite comics over at Gafbo, awwww. 🙂

Oh, and for those of you who have asked about my work for MAD, I do a semi-regular strip in their “Strip Club” pages, entitled “It Only Hurts When I Laugh.” And I’m in the most recent issue (with A.E.Newman-as-Justin-Bieber on the cover), so, check it out. 🙂


  1. CBob

    Does Yuri still have hands (or anything else that fulfills that function) in there somewhere?

    I keep wondering how to feel about her. She’s had the most traumatic experiences (torture, mutilation), but on the other hand she seems to roll with it and actually preffers/enjoys the mods made possible by said trauma. On the third hand that could just as easily be a coping thing, like she’s bunkering herself up inside.

    And the upgrades keep stacking up too, haha! Eventually she’ll be a giant transforming space gunship-robot… with wee cat ears on top!

  2. @WarPig, you and everyone else, it seems. Hah! 🙂

    @CBob, well, she is just a head and a torso under all that, but what this body armor or possible future incarnations are or will be capable of can only be speculated (can you tell I’ve spent many of my days working with legal documents?)

  3. CBob

    Yeah, I knew her human arms and legs were all gone, I was just wondering if her current set of mecha arms have retractable manipulators or force fields or something that can be used to grab and pick stuff up like hands. I saw her sitting at that diner booth, and suddenly had a hilarious mental image of her trying to eat a hamburger by blasting the tabletop and hoping some of the bits get thrown in the direction of her mouth.

  4. Dustin: “I was someone! I controlled the Human Seat!”
    Anyone else: “Human seat? You mean a butt? So you were a butt head?”
    Dustin: “…”
    Anyone else: “We have no trouble believing that.”
    Dustin: “…!”

  5. Herandar

    @Justme: Pierrot is still technically a part of the crew, in absentia.

    For some reason, this strip reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants trying to get into the tough bars of Bikini Bottom.

  6. Prairie

    I adore panel 5! It shows the camaraderie developed between the crew. Perhaps Yuri has some other “go go gadget” appendages/tools in panels to assist when opposable thumbs are needed.

    Martina has obviously embraced her role as captain and as an intergalactic revolutionary. Love the Che Guevara action she’s got going on there.

  7. Night-Gaunt

    Yuri’s living her manga and anime dream come true. She’s not just a cyborg with alien cat ears, but a grafted brain of the smartest species in the universe—Eeb’s. Nice to see the gang top heavy with female power. Usually there are one or none. Go team….not sure what to call them yet.

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  9. Drachefly

    Those latitude and longitude figures are a bit on the high side – are they supposed to go flying around the planet a couple times to get there?

    Now I’m imagining planets with unusual space-time geometries where that would be a sensible notion.

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