02/16/11 Luunock’s Welcome


Don’t forget, if you’re in Seattle next Wednesday and want to have a limbic fizzler, buy a book, get a book signed, or just say “hello,” come on by the AFK Tavern where I’ll be having my Spacetrawler book release (I’ll remind you again next week) (check out “appearances” in the right-hand column, and see if I’m coming to your area).

Thank you to El Santo for the awesome “ridiculously long webcomic review” of Spacetrawler over at Webcomicoverlook (and welcome, new readers who’ve come from there).

Thank you Gary Tyrell for that awesome description of your Spacetrawler book arrived over at FLEEN.

Again, “Spacetrawler book 1 — The Human Seat” is NOT ONLY FOR SALE, but is also ripe to be nominated for the Hugos in the category of “Best Graphic Story.” So, if you wish to nominate it (you must already be a member Renovation, nominations due March 26th), you have my support (and encouragement).


  1. thomass

    I cannot imagine anything so exciting as butter made up from the residue of Reynth’s feet – his feet make the best cheese and imagine how super awesome the butter would be which is clearly a type of superior by-product of Reynth’s foot exudate!

    What more can this comic produce – Lymbic Fizzlers AND Reynth Foot Butter!

    ps – Martina is polite but firm, she would not be shuffled out so easily – also, she has a hat, she would take that hat off and immediately not be recognisable – that’s my suggestion.

  2. StewartP

    Book 1 has arrived safely in France, all shiny and smelling of fresh printing ink. MMMMM much better than Reynth Foot Butter.

    and because I have read it on-line I don’te even have to open it or crease it, keep it fresh.

  3. Flunky

    Long reader, first comment… just felt this was a good time to say that the designs of the wide variety of aliens is excellent. Luunock here, complete with assisted locomotion is quite spiffy. Also, I’m assuming the degree to which foot butter looks like margarine is a completely groundless assertion, right?

  4. Prairie

    it looks to me as though the “butter” gets applied to one’s “foot” and then licked off.

    So it is butter for the foot made by or of “Reynth.” *nods wisely as though she knows what she’s talking about*

    And yes, first thing i noticed is that Martina is absent when they get booted out. Luunock is gonna need that foot butter to salve the tongue lashing he is about to get!

  5. I could imagine a chunk of things, that’d fit the idea of Reynth Foot Butter.

    Obviously, if Reynth feet lactate, it could be straightforward butter. In the sense of peanut butter’s, “butter”, if Reynth feet are rather high in oils, they could mash well to produce that type of butter. Or it could be the process, where it’s churned by the butter-maker’s feet instead of with a churning device.

    Or it could be something to go on toast with Reynth Toe Jam.

  6. Just a silly thought. On the previous page someone mentioned that Krep has one eye. He is also purple (?) and flies the ship. Presumably he also likes furryite sandwiches. Now if he grew a horn and our friends got the furryites promoted to people status, that would make him a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater!

  7. Nick Bacon

    I like a bored Emily dropping the stone off the edge of the stack. I remember getting warned by camp counselors on how I might kill someone on the trail below us if we did that, and thinking how cool that pause is before hearing the distant sounds of crashing. Now I have to give my kids that warning, but always a little reluctantly, because of course you want to drop a rock off a big ledge! Emily, of course, would just considering not hitting a person a miss, not luck.

  8. Christopher

    @Rags, or if he bought a bugle and bit off Dustin’s finger. Yeah, I loved that song growing up. Sheb Wooley, I never even knew who it was, @Frank. πŸ™‚

    @NickBacon, yeah, there is little more fun than tossing rocks of a ledge. Who knows why.

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