08/06/12 Reunions and Non


Ooooh, it’s been a crazy week. Unpacking. In the bedroom I ripped up the carpet, painted the walls, stained and hung french doors. Mom and sister came to stay, then some friends came to stay. Wish I had the energy to stay up another hour and a half to watch the Mars landing. Sigh.

Makes me want a few quite days to just work and eat oats. Anyhow, here is my handiwork.


  1. A Reader

    Love your comics, Chris! Thank you for the awesome. I hate to leave comments on flaws, but I noticed that the top part of Haldeyis appears to be missing in panels 6 and 8. The rest of her doesn’t show up above the comment bubbles.

  2. Christopher

    @A_Reader, thanks! Fixed!

    @Thomas_S, Oh, crap. I did bungle that one. Hm. I will ponder this and edit it (at least this is one advantage of posting the comic online before printing books). Since the motivation for that line was for her to bring Dusty, I’ll probably go with something like “anyone can fly it, but a human or mihrrgoot needs to be present or the engine won’t turn over.”

    @Herander, soon to be a classic video game, no doubt. 😉

  3. Uri

    I’d say the obvious solution is that the king was LYING to her…. why would he tell her the truth?he was just trying to con her into taking Dustin (why would they make a spacship only humans could fly? there are only ~ 5 spacefaring humans…)

  4. immobilized

    I think Uri’s lying solution is the quickest and most believable way out of the plot hole. All you need is for someone to ask the king “was all that stuff you just said true?” To which the king rolls a million eyes and says, “pshhht… NO.”

  5. Muzhik

    @ Thomas_S and @Christopher, it’s simple: humans are known throughout the galaxy as the only species which, when faced with an engine, no matter how alien, knows precisely where and how hard to hit it to get it to start. “It’s a machine — just beat it into submission.”

    (Reminds me of the cosmonaut in “Armageddon”!)

    Oh, and love the remodeling. Hope the landlord likes it too.

  6. Christopher

    @Uri, the problem with that solutions was that King told her she couldn’t fly it as it would only work for a human (or Mihrrgoot), and since then she’s simply been flying it. If King were lying, i would have to add a bit where she goes “huh, it works for me, maybe I’m more human than I thought” or something. A good idea, but I think it simpler to fix the source. I try not to rewrite past strips, but I view this as a small yet concrete error which needs addressing before it goes to print.

    @Muzhik, Ha! Indeed. Whack it, it’ll work.

    @Thomas_S, excellent idea. I may do just that. 🙂

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