10/22/12 Useful Habits


Had a good week. My girlfriend got to see Morrisey (and I wandered around the big(ger) city, pondering life, food, and the new novel). We explored the local history museum which had lots of dead birds. Cadfael ditched his collar, but perhaps his timing isn’t all off since it is near Halloween and he’s a black kitty so we shouldn’t let him roam much for the next week or so.

I have a fun link for you all! The first issue of the online magazine Perihelion! And even better, I have two comics on the site (at the bottom of the page), check ’em out. 🙂

Oh, and we watched the dark comedic strange Norwegian thriller Headhunters, and the silly and somewhat surreal new Woody Allen movie To Rome With Love. Good times.



    Sounds like you were in Albany NY. The Big(ger) city? Morrisey just played at the Palace Theater last week and the New York State Museum has lots of dead birds on display. Am I right?

  2. Wellwellwell

    And everybody knows that getting a russian drunk while staying alive yourself i a daunting task.

    Helmut Kohl, former german canchellor used to dring a pint of vegetable oil before meeting op with Boris Jelzin, to line his stomach.
    An he had a hundred and fifty punds on Jelzin………

  3. zb

    @TB, I meant, their thinking seems to have been– Well, they might not just elect him Apex Speaker based on his charisma, let’s also have him rise from the dead. Well that might not be enough either, let’s have him levitate into the air with a dramatic green glow. Well that STILL might not be enough, let’s have his eyes glowing green afterward. Well wait no even all that might not be enough, let’s have a profound show of humility to cap it all off.

    There’s no kill like overkill.

  4. Bill Kamp

    I also thought it was a overkill, but the strip claims an Apex Speaker needs 93% of the votes.

    Damn, any misstep and Dimitri is dead, Overkill normally seems like an effort of the writer to awe us, where he mistakes in toning it up too much.

    You could consider that Dimitri overacted to guarantee a 93% of vote, or that Chris put a 93% of vote to enable him to exaggerate in Dimitri’s performance.

    What I actually felt is, that this comic was rushed, like this one in particular would have a better impact have it been split in two of the same size but with the same happenings.

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