05/01/13 Dimitri Walks


If you’re interested in reading a REALLY GOOD and interesting synopsis of Spacetrawler for the uninitiated, Robynne Blume wrote an excellent one in her blog of Webcomics Worth Wreading. Thanks, Robynne!

In other news, for all of you Little Dee fans out there, Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga do a CUTE comic called “Nemu*Nemu,” and they are in the middle of a several-week-long story featuring none other than VACHEL. That storyline starts HERE (then devour the archives and buy the books!)

Can I just say? I’ve been listening to “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” for a couple weeks now and been unable to turn it off. I like the characters from Rowling’s book, and have really enjoyed seeing them turned on their heads in this fan-fic, not to mention that it shows in a way a more realistic approach to a bright scientific-minded person entering Hogwarts. As they say in the prologue “All science mentioned is real science.” And it’s fun. And kind of evil. How odd. Here’s the text Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and here’s the podcast (which is quite listenable) podcast.


  1. Bumbling

    A superb bit of writing. I like this page a great deal as it has set up the whole point of the last few pages that I had thought was just going nowhere and wasting time. Great position to write yourself into there. Dimitri for the WIN! … as in he is making sure that he is no longer competing so as to not loose, and that’s a win in anyone’s books.

  2. Muzhik

    @zb, he may not be pure evil, but he’s got both the genetic and cultural background to do it. The Tsars had no problem with moving entire populations around the empire. Stalin would not only move the populations but kill their children just for being related to their parents. Khrushchev starved whole sections of the country by insisting the farmers plant corn instead of wheat, and imprisoned the ones who didn’t comply.

    So Dimitry is just being Russian.

    (As an aside, when translating from English to Russian, you usually wind up with a page and a half of Russian for every page in English. Unless you’re dealing with emotions. It is possible to express the sentence “That we should live to see such a day” into a single Russian word.)

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