06/17/16 Gurf’s Long Run


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Had a great weekend. Planted rhubarb, saw a matinee of “Before Midnight” which was painfully beautiful. Walked around the LARAC art fair. Ate good food. Busy but without agenda, so it was relaxing.

My girlfriend is going away on Wednesday for six days, so I plan to work uninterrupted from the moment I wake up til the moment I collapse, on each of those days. Hopefully I can get a little caught up. I’m mentally preparing. Wish me luck.


  1. Maybe the medibot can still patch them up

    Hey, you said this is why you disintegrated Emily’s love right? So a medibot couldn’t patch him up?

    Also, love the little throwaway gag of Gurf hailing the “taxi”. Not to mention the bonus strip

  2. Christopher

    @Frank, I can’t parse your question: “Hey, you said this is why you disintegrated Emily’s love right? So a medibot couldn’t patch him up?”

    @War_Pig, awwww, they’ll be fine. I’m sure. 🙂

  3. Andrew_C

    Hmm, as long as he hasn’t been disintegrated Qwantoo’s still in the game. And I wouldn’t put it past him to survive that. You don’t live to thousands of years, become an inter-dimensional criminal and found a galactic empire without a few tricks up your sleeve.

  4. Muzhik

    @WarPig, I think I recall, when they were first introduced, someone saying they can go about 2 Draak-Sim rotations before they collapse. (It’s dinner time here — I almost wrote “2 Dim-Sum rotations.”)

    @Andrew, dude, Qwahntoo’s rib cage analog is exposed almost down to his backbone analog. There’s no sign of his internal organs (that’s why you have rib cages — to protect sensitive organs) and no indication that his neurological functions (his brain) were distributed throughout his body. There’s always the chance that he’s got some really bitchin’ nanites, but hey, those all got dumped on the ground and down the gullet when his major vessels were severed. So even if the nanites were able to preserve brain function, even they can’t work without fuel. They’ll have no raw materials available to regenerate tissue, and even if they could, the new tissue would be consumed by the ditherkers as soon as it’s grown.

    So it’s clear that Qwahntoo will not become Qwahnthree…

  5. Joe

    @War Pig: they won’t starve, they’ve still got a few days worth of flesh and bone on that corpse before they will die, and someone’s bound to come to the planet before then

  6. Muzhik

    @Joe, and don’t forget the Ites that Qwahntoo killed just after planetfall. They’re tasty when they’re furry, how much better are they when they’re clean-shaven?

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