09/11/13 Epilogue: Red-9’s Evening


You all have been all saying such nice things about the strip! Thank you. 🙂

Since Monday, nothing new. Book is ready to go out, just pushing through the paperwork with the printer. I’ve also ordered proofs on the certificate and mug. Honestly, I may have everything ready to go out before the end of October. Yay!

And again: Many of you have already told me that you missed the Kickstarter, and others that they wanted different combinations of goods, and you want to still get it. Well, I’ve opened up a stripped-down temporary store PURELY for pre-sales between now and when the book is shipped. For books #1 & #2 I have only added them as “doodled” versions. Glasses and certificates will be pulled in about a week when I put in the order to the printers (I won’t be printing extras of those). If you wish the straight-up books, please visit my TopatoCo page. Visit the “Book #3 store HERE.

Not much new. Barnes/Ambaum have some “library ranger” patches Kickstarting for the librarian in your life. I had a tiny cavity filled, which hurt like hell (not usually the case). Have begun in earnest the writing of the Spacetrawler 3-month additional story. Fun!

And, in case you haven’t seen it, Star Wars in 60 seconds tells you the whole story.


  1. How is she supposed to look after an unclamped eeb baby?
    (If it’s a boy, he shall be known as Red’s Son. Maybe she should send him to Earth and get Dimitri to help, he seems capable enough of raising even a superbeing to become a well-adjusted Russian citizen.)

    I usually don’t like high fantasy. Too often it is “I met the king while grocery shopping, we had tea and conquered some foreigners,” or “peasants rejoice as princess finally gets laid; futures market crashes as pleased fertility goddess promises bountiful harvest.” The idea that a handful of ordinary people out of nowhere routinely rewrite the rules of their realm is preposterous, yet that is what adventure stories tend to devolve into as stakes keep getting one-upped.

    Spacetrawler is exceptional, and not just in that it is a space fantasy. It is easy to forget that Nogg is not your average political activist, but starts out as a close personal friend of the apex speaker, with a working knowledge of backroom politics and access to secret information. Suddenly the notion that a group of primitive outsiders manages to upset the galactic government and economy is believeable. (Whereas the most Dale Arden and friends should be able to do to Ming the Merciless is publish a scathing editorial. (Not to underestimate scathing editorials.))

    And it is so much more than the genre-typical action hero protagonists following the main plot thwarting some manichaean evil scheme, where everything important in the galaxy keeps happening to the same handful of people. It has more side-plots and failed schemes and characters than I can recall off the top of my head, none of them pointless.

    Truly an epic for the ages.

    While I usually prefer science fiction to fantasy, this is one of the few exceptions, and I look forward to reading it again (if I can keep myself from calculating the decaying orbit of Martina’s casket long enough to suspend my disbelieve). ?

    Hollywood has turned webcomics into movies before (Cowboys and Aliens (before the second book was finished even), and one about a pilgrim). Spacetrawler deserves such recognition at least as much.

  2. CompaniaHill

    Okay, so I get that this might be (probably is) Dimitri’s. But I don’t get the question of whether the baby Eeb would be born unclamped. Wouldn’t *any* baby Eeb be born unclamped? Or are all of the remaining surviving Eebs supposed to be infertile as well? Did I miss something?

  3. Muzhik

    @CompaniaHill, one of the things Dimitri did on Carpsellon was to muck about with the eeb DNA to remove the telekinesis gene, so clamping of future generations would be unnecessary. I believe he even gave Red-9 the treatment (before giving her the treatment, so to speak) so that this human-eeb hybrid won’t be telekinetic.

    Oh, my dear and fluffy Lord. Could we be witnessing the birth of the first President of Earth? (or is it Dustinia?)

  4. Ken

    >>>An unclamped Eeb baby, being stewed in alcohol every day since its been conceived.


    Human embryos have been stewed in alcohol from the evening before conception through weaning for generations. Then there's teething. A non-issue overwritten by PC media hype.

  5. Muzhik

    @TB, in one of the first episodes a throwaway frame showed Krep explaining to Yuri how pottybots were used when you couldn’t leave your station or post. IOW, gravity-feed toilets would still be the norm in living quarters.

  6. OnyxIdol

    Well, this is one fine yarn You have spun here. You made me lough and feel sad, sometimes in the space of two pages. I’m really interested in where You’re going with this now. Chapeau to You, good sir.

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