9/12/16 Inviting Dimitri




So, Dimitri. Yes, he will appear throughout the comic, although in a lesser role than in the previous series. but I am not dropping him all of a sudden. AND, yes, Devyat is Dimitri’s daughter who he conceived with Red-9.

Oh, and here are the two cats I’ve been house-sitting. Beau and Ysa. They like to lie on my keyboard while I’m working if I stop petting them constantly. Good company.



  1. andreas

    panel on the final row, left column: your -> you’re
    [unless of course Dimitri’s Eeestern Eurrropean acc-ccent is highlighted here…]

    Good to see that while Devyat (?) clearly inherited the looks and propensity to wear drab clothing from her mother, there is a Russian twist to her wardrobe.

    Must be interesting to be singular member of the Hueb community growing up. She seems happy enough – now we’ll find out whether she inherited enough futile nobility or at least noble futility to volunteer for this Nogg’s errand mission like her father, hmmm, didn’t?

    1. andreas

      I think this is laid out in addendum III to section II of the underage haunting union’s general recommendations. Also compare the treatment on Gothic washbasins – The spectre of feline overflow in Hugo’s Guide to Haunting: The British traditionalist approach.

  2. KP

    More Beau and Ysa !!! After a few weeks you will find yet another comic idea, this one involving cats and their curious habits, their attitudes towards each other and humans, their cultivated self-image and the tomes they write for hours in a day while we think they are asleep ..

  3. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt49, if they could fix insanity, they could fix stupid. THEN where would Dusty be?

    (Then they could also fix broken hearts, but I think that would be a very bad idea. Hearts are broken for a reason: it’s the best way to make them grow.)

    RE: Devyat? Good one! It took some dusting off of my brain’s old language files, but I finally remembered that “devyat” is Russian for “nine”. I wonder what Red-9 thinks of her daughter’s gallivanting around the galaxy with Dimitri.

    And KP? Nice idea, but I think the execution of said comic would leave a lot to be desired. Lots and lots of thought bubbles saying stuff like:

    “Stupid humans. Make YOU walk around for hours and hours asking to be fed.”

    “Go away. Go. Away. I’m hunting. Yes, tail-flicking means I’m hunting. I’m luring my prey in.”

    “Stupid humans. DON’T scratch me THERE! NOT there, THERE!!! YES! Yes. That’s good, that’s good. Finally.”

    “Stupid humans.”

  4. Nice to see Dmitri.

    Unrelatedly, is there any chance of the navigation (next/previous strip links) being put above the comic rather than (or in addition to) below? I hate having to scroll all the way down to the punchline before I can visit the previous strip, and then if I use the back button once I’m done have to once again avoid the punchline while I scroll back up. It’s a small thing, I admit, but still bothersome. Maybe the “Mondays and Wednesdays” link could just go to the previous strip? Or something?

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Muzhik September 12, 2016 at 5:35 pm
    “Stupid humans. Make YOU walk around for hours and hours asking to be fed.”

    “Go away. Go. Away. I’m hunting. Yes, tail-flicking means I’m hunting. I’m luring my prey in.”

    Then the stupid human gets a shot gun and gives him a 12 gauge suppository to remember him by….stupid murdering humans.

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