09/20/17 Emily Calls A Meeting


  1. War Pig

    Chris, you deserve a ton of credit for keeping this comic going with so many side projects and travel. Most other web comic artists, whenever they have a side project, abandon their strip for from a couple months to a couple years, or else promise they’ll be back and just disappear into commercial ventures. (Yenny, Girls of Monster Paradise, The Amazing Charles Christopher, Sheldon/Drive – although Dave Kellett did come back, sort of)

    You have the tenacity Sparky had, and I wish you as much luck.

  2. andreas

    “You see, sip, sipthe Kreebrick, da, is really small mishka sip
    “Dad, how do you even manage to have a Russian accent when we all have translator chips?”
    “Power of will. As I was sip, sip saying, small mishka that will grow into big mishka. But compatible! sip
    “Dad, this cannot seriously be your plan!”
    “If mishka is having good time, mishka not want to destroy galaxy. Na zdrowie!”

  3. Peter Rogan

    The universe has not been destroyed. So where is the threat?

    What is everybody going to do in the face of nothing happening?

    How would anybody know if the universe had been destroyed and a simulacrum instituted instead? And didn’t care how many times you shouted, “Computer! End program!”?

    Is reality still real if you don’t think it is? Would it matter?

  4. Coyoty

    “I have a recipe for kreebrick I’ve been wanting to try.”
    “But… This thing can destroy the universe!”
    “Pah. We all do that with every decision we make. Whatever we do destroys the universes where we didn’t do it.”
    “…I hate metaphysics.”

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