09/25/17 About The Kreebrick





By the way, some plots needed to be rearranged. My suggestion that “book 1” ends in early October is no longer accurate…. more like late October or early November (most likely). And on a related note, rather than three Kickstarters, one for each book, I’m thinking I will do ONE Kickstarter at the end, and print one large book. I’m thinking that will be more satisfying for (most) everyone.

And, Monday. Oh, Monday. Where will Monday be? (I’m writing/uploading this on Thursday) Still in Texas, I think. Sherman. I’ve been carefully planning out how to get all the strips done, done well, with the scattered time I have, usually just before the gun. It does help immensely though that I can edit scripts while Cedra drives. Everything else is an unstoppable process, but a script can hit a brick wall and lose you a whole day (and the more I edit, usually the better it gets).


  1. Leinglo

    Hah! Called it. But, “a few?” Dimitri has dealt with “multiple” Kreebricks? In “one of” the universes he explored? Alright Chris, when this story is done, you totally need to do a separate comic detailing Dimitri’s adventures through the Draak-Sim, because it’s sounding like the journey he went through was…you know, just a little bit awesome.

  2. Coyoty

    Divyet thought she’d have to sacrifice herself, but there’s the spacetrawler. Dimitri may think he has to sacrifice, but there’s Mauricio. We may think Mauricio has to sacrifice, but does he have an out, too?

    Red-9 knows Divyet’s secret. Dimitri gets it. Emily gets it. Joyce maybe. Divyet probably knows they know. Will she assume everyone knows and blurt it out, or will someone take her aside and tell her to keep quiet?

  3. Peter Rogan

    Yes, Divyat? The other spacetraweler engine you know of is…. where? Red-9, would you care to elaborate?

    And why do I get the impression that the answer is going to wipe the smile right off/on Anesu’s face?

  4. andreas

    more like late October or early November


    They have a plan to squish the sentient black hole (interesting creature for whom sensing and destroying would be the same thing… not sure how it would move?) .

    The plan will come together and will nicely solve everything and then get to live happily ever after (on the right side of the event horizon)?


    I mean, what could go wrong?

    (that is apart from Nogg or his long lost cousin with a skin disease getting involved…
    oh dear!)

  5. Ryan

    It reminds me of the “Naked God” at the end of Hamilton’s “Nights Dawn Series”; its sentience was made entirely of fluctuating vacuums of space time, an actual brain made of nothing.
    At any rate, the good news is that the monster should be even slower then the Anti-Moniter and will take millions of years to consume the universe, so if they can evacuate to andromeda, they should have a few thousand years to find their way to other Universes.

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