09/27/17 The Kreebrick



The Kreebrick was very satisfying to draw. There is something in it I find both cute and terrifying. πŸ™‚

Today (meaning Wednesday, when this posts), we’ll be heading west across Texas. Such a big state.


  1. andreas

    Physics, anyone?

    Let’s start with panel 6: to an external observer, it would take infinitely long to see matter being pulled into into a black hole?

    Ah, but that refers to inanimate black holes – living ones clearly exude anti-time-dilation prosons (heavy storyons*) to re-euclidianize space-time so Kreebricks may eat more quickly (or at least are seen eating more quickly when observed in local reference systems).

    Speculative xeno-biology trumps general relativity, softening up hard scifi while gobbling up cosmology.

    On with the show πŸ˜‰

    * storyons are the class of particles whose trajectory is plotted according to literary rather than mathematical probability density functions.

    1. 3oranges

      I’m not sure you have to make up something to cancel the time dilation. A normal black hole “has no hair”, as physicists put it. The singularity is a point and the event horizon is more or less round. Right up to that boundary, you can see what’s going on.

      This little Kreebrick has much more structure to it, and as part of that, it apparently has a definite hollow space inside. Just as you don’t absorb food through your mouth, what we’ve seen here is matter pass through a narrow opening into a central chamber. Presumably that’s where it would actually go through the horizon, and indeed it looks like it is still being compacted there, since it has become not just bigger but pudgier.

      Of course then you can ask how it can have so much structure to it, but you know, there’s a lot of physics still unknown. It seems Mihrrgoots only recently learned about the darkness inside photons, and we’re still using a theory where things don’t go faster than light. Obviously there will be some limitations.

      This much has worked out for relativity, though – for as impossibly complex as it is, it looks like the Kreebrick genuinely is bald.

    2. The Gorram Batguy

      When the characters in the story interact with each other, is this caused by quantum entangling between distant storyons, commonly referred to in the field as inter-prosonal communication?

      1. andreas

        Hey, good point… I mean, yes πŸ˜‰

        Eduardo Galeano said that people are not made up of atoms, but of stories. I figured the baby Kreebrick would be as well.

        I wonder when it will occur to Nogg that he should found SPCK (Society for the prevention of cruelty to Kreebricks).

  2. Spanner

    Perversely, I have to wonder if Maurico’s arm cannon is going to be cool with the idea of Maurico self-sacrificing to kill the thing. Not because of the self-sacrifice, but because Maurico quite plainly isn’t going to believe that a newborn baby is “guilty” of anything, even if he manages to resign himself to the fact that the great big cherry on top of his crap sundae of a life is that he gets to kill a baby when he checks out.

    Heck, the cannon might not even be able to do the mental gymnastics to pull off the idea that the newborn is guilty of anything. It’ll be, like, the only time the thing doesn’t want to kill something. And, naturally, it would be the worst time ever for that to happen.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Nathanyel Anyone remember Mac Hall’s Tiny Cthulhu?

    I don’t, but this thing is more like the Crawling Chaos than Cthulhu and spawn. They don’t devour worlds that way.They simply assimilate all organic matter into a huge interconnected empire where they infect worlds, not eat them. Nearly infinitely adaptable. But this thing does resemble a living dark matter creature so its gravitation must by as powerful as the world the Kreebrick was sleeping in. Now if it somehow can command gravity to bring food to it or move to the food it would be just that much worse than any black hole ever seen or conceived.

    And when that Damned Thing hatched all bets are off for everything you can think of. A doomsday creature. I wonder if a stiff dose of anti-matter will kill it like poison? Could you find enough and make it swallow it? (I would suspect it might not taste good to the ….being.

    Little galumphing baby death born to be vile.

    Is there a tune one can dance to as the monstrosity comes into our star system?

    1. Muzhik

      @Peter Rogan: Hey! If I can hear my neighbors in their bedroom through a supposedly solid brick wall, then I don’t see why we can’t detect two kreebricks making a little baby planet-sized abomination.

      (P.S. What do you call a really bad Japanese animated horror film? An abominanime.)

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