11/15/17 Not Enough


You know, Nogg does get a really hard time of it. As he says, he never said he was great, but he’s good. Decent. Right?


  1. Z2

    Nogg has the unenviable position of being a realistically mediocre-to-decent person constantly surrounded by fantastical heroic archetypes deciding the fate of the galaxy. He doesn’t suck, but somehow he always sucks more than every other person in any room he’s in.

  2. Docard

    He has Heart.
    He also has Stomach.
    Maybe his Liver is in danger a bit, too.
    I do like Nogg, though, for the way he cares about his crew, his universe, and the crazy characters he finds in both.

  3. Rikard


    Being good enough (both in the moral sense and the other one) is seldom seen as being good enough, it seems.

    Least of all by the one trying to be good enough.

    How come your comedic comic creates crying?

    Rikard, ex-teacher, Sweden

  4. Peter Rogan

    Saving the universe was never Nogg’s thing, was it?

    He’s got something much bigger to salvage: His crumbling, slightly spotty ego.

    And perhaps something more, if I could but prize it out…..

    1. Well, I’m not sure I’d agree. He’s never bragged or gloated. I think he always was about saving the universe. If his ego was involved, it was probably about feeling self-value based on doing what was right.

      But my subconscious is my co-author. And if portraying characteristics I have or see around me, it doesn’t always mean I fully/correctly understand them. 🙂

      1. Peter Rogan

        I always worry that my subconscious will understand what I’m feeling and what I’m supposed to do better than my conscious self does. I mean, what do I pay either of them for? Oh, wait. I don’t pay either. They just bill me at inconveniently appropriate times. Often.

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Nogg is barely average good that pales against so many stellar lights of herodome. He is just a flicker blinded by the light of brighter sources. Poor old egg. Feel some sadness for him. he will always be outclassed in most things. But he is the leader who finds them to use so there is a special bright light in that. A kind of genius to it. Give him his due. Salute!

  6. noggfan420

    my man nogg is a straight up OG freedom fighter and the whole fucking galaxy at least owes him a huge debt. maybe he screwed up here and there but nobodies perfect and he poured his fucking heart and soul into doing what he thought was right, even in the face of some truly ridiculous circumstances, and just gets disrespected almost constantly. look at how cool and collected he is facing mauricio right now, so ready to listen and to try to understand the man who has explicitly stated his intent to kill him. nogg turns randos into legends and does it with a way better attitude then a lot of people would with all that bullshit and disrespect thrown at them. anyways in conclusion nogg is a boss motherfucker who deserves to be treated better by almost everyone in his life, fuck the nogg haters.

  7. Sabreur

    It’s a little strange to see Nogg beating himself up for the *exact* things we’ve been beating up on him for in the comments. Part of what made Nogg easy to mock was his apparent obliviousness to his own faults. Seeing him bitter and hurt is causing some real cognitive dissonance here!

    I’m still pissed at him, since getting drunk, wallowing in self pity, and abandoning the people who need him to get *home* (after he kidnapped them) is not exactly “learning from his mistakes”. But there’s some sympathy mixed in there, too.

    1. TB

      When you drink a bag of snakes under a table, they literally end up under some table.

      I’m with those who think poor Nogg doesn’t get enough credit. When you think about it, aside from those of supremely pure heart like Maurico and Martina, Nogg is probably the most likely to want to try to do the right thing in a given circumstance. He’s just not too good at it.

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