11/20/17 A New Pilot


  1. Jude

    Nice, a new character! I was taking note of Pilot last Wednesday and wondering if it was a he, she or it. Was also wondering what the barkeep looked like as last time we only got a glimpse of a tentacle and apron stringed back.

    Out of curiosity, since Devyat’s half-human, but like her mother, doesn’t have a visible mouth, how does she talk or even more important, how does she even drink since she uses a glass like others do? It’s not important but wondering if you’re going to reveal more about her further on. I love the characters of Bikkie, Devyat and Anesu equally for all very different reasons. Admirable skills between those three! I’m always pleased when I see them.

  2. andreas

    “I am afraid no one here will appreciate the irony of this situation. You see, for their last consulting gig, McKinsey took several hundred grand just for advising us to go through with opening up more of our transportation and logistics operation to local contractors.

    Well, accordingly, I’m hiring this here tattooed horse-antlion rogue stranger who is also a pilot and pro-actively proposed to be our chauffeur after overhearing our failed attempts at rousing our crew who are stiff with drink and self-pity.”

    (“But they completely omitted mention of extra insurance by means of a human-eeb hybrid with secret powers and family connections – again, Devyat, you do realize that none of us are thinking of you only in this way? Really, do I have to insinuate *every* little detail so that their recommendations will get the board to fall in line with my plans?”)

  3. Kaidah

    Ah, the eternal struggle of a talented child and their attempts to escape the shadow of a (literally) universally famous parent.

    I love the alphabet soup the translator turned Pilot’s real name into. And Joyce’s expression at hearing it was priceless.

  4. Muzhik

    Upon reflection, the correct thing for Joyce to have said would have been:

    “… Tea Cookie Mogul. Her father taught her well, so if you screw us over, you only have to answer two questions: will she leave enough of you to worry about; and will she let her father join in?”

    Simple. Acknowledge her heritage, praise her for her level of instruction, and leave any decision on Dmitri’s involvement to her. And at the end, thank Devyat for coming along.

  5. Muzhik

    After all these years, it finally occurred to me to ask Google Translate what “Devyat” (??????) means:


    An homage to her mother, and a question as to how Dimitri was able to make the Universal Translator recognize that as a name and not something to be translated.

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