11/22/17 The Gravelaxe II


Some scripts just kick my butt. I wrote and re-wrote this a dozen times. Aside from there being about 9 lines (give-or-take) ranging from amusing to (possibly) funny, the “funny” ones just weren’t ringing true. Or funny. Or something. But in the end, I’m totally pleased with it. Pat myself on the back. 🙂


  1. Jude

    Libraries must be dens of iniquity then!
    Let’s hope the ship doesn’t land in Ireland. Otherwise, it would lose its reputation of being free from snakes.

    That’s quite the ship you’ve drawn, Chris. When you do a mockup of one, what do you build them from and how large are they? Do you take them along with your other possessions when you travel the country?

    I’m fortunate to live on the west coast (Canada) and read your strips the night before most. I SO look forward to reading them! A treat before bedtime.

  2. andreas

    Looks like Jibbz may be related to Krep on a spiritual level, presumably through being 2nd in command to a captain not fully cured of their romantic notions.

    At least there are certain advantages of having a weakness for dead tree ground up with glue rather than for dead Furryite ground up with whatever they dilute it with.

    Respect to the Laufian Slinten Pod o’ snakes , perhaps not for their acting ability, but for staying in character come hell or high water.

    1. Kaidah

      Perhaps they simply decided to upgrade instead of retrofit and it was traded in for a greased dark light speed model when spacetrawlers were banned. Not as theatrically interesting from a storytelling point of view, but economically sound.

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