08/09/18 – Mauricio is Fine




By “Mauricio is Fine,” I mean, Mauricio isn’t really fine at all.


    1. M.A.

      When I was a kid there was a doll that had a little knob and you could turn it to adjust her hair length. I didn’t want the doll but would have loved that little knob!

  1. Jude

    So much for Herandar’s comment from yesterday and the reason for your response. ????
    Not quite sure Bikkie responded to Mauricio’s beard in the same manner he yells BLOOD!

  2. Peter Rogan

    I don’t think Jabby respects ANY boundaries, physical, psychic, ethical, moral, or spiritual. His effects may be the same way — I wouldn’t put it past Jabby to secrete or simply spray spores to create more of his kind. There is no limit to Jabby’s creepiness. None whatsoever.

    Excuse me, I must spend the next three hours in a sealed vat of Purell. Talk to you later — if you’re still who you used to be.

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