08/13/18 – To The G.O.B.




One always has options.


  1. Mic

    Has it been long enough for ‘The Cake is a lie’ jokes to be a retro throwback, or is it still in the ‘used too much and unfunny’ category?

    I am absolutely loving the idea that Mr Zorilla’s going to be a player in what’s coming. 😀

    1. David

      I think what Devyat did to Jabby has something to do with it. Rather than him building himself to be stronger, he’s going to do the opposite instead. So he’s probably in a powered down state after altering Mauricio’s appearance.

  2. Peter Rogan

    …and NOW the family resemblance shows itself. Were their roles reversed, I’m sure Mauricio would be completely disinterested in conflict of any kind, and only wish to be free from even the spectacle of it. Cake is incidental. The issue is avoidance.

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