08/14/18 – Mauricio’s Kicks




We could all lose a good night’s rest.


  1. Peter Rogan

    I do not like the way Mauricio seems to have normalized Jabby’s killing urges, now that they’ve been defanged — for now.

    He, and we, have no way of knowing how Jabby will react when he finally comprehends that he has been rendered harmless. He rebuilt Mauricio from the inside out and manipulated the Gounder’s energy-draining weapon into an energy source. That he will discover this I have little doubt; all it will take is the simple conflict between his secret orders and what he is able or unable to do. At best Jabby will not comprehend how Mauricio and his parasite were blasted to atoms by a ‘dead’ being Jabby had ‘justified.’ At worse….

    This IS the weapon that survived an encounter with effectively a sentient black hole. I don’t think you can do THAT without being considerably, and I DO mean CONSIDERABLY resourceful. We never did find out how Mauricio escaped the Gounder’s impenetrable trap, for instance. We’ve not seen the end of Jabby’s abilities. Believe me.

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