08/16/18 – Interim Silliness




In case there is ANY doubt, no, Gahrechht will NOT be narrating the next part. 😉

Part 3-of-3 starts next week!


  1. TB

    What is the author doing here? Shouldn’t he be out somewhere weaving a pair of jockey shorts out of hand-harvested flax or something?

    (Ouch. That was definitely not a “pflarb” up there.)

  2. andreas

    Now that the author has finally been done in by his own astrohippo (classic) it is time to quickly snatch up the remaining merchandise and artisanal* knitted underclothing from harvested flax.

    Partly from nostalgia but mostly in anticipation of imminent market price boost following an artist’s demise.

    * spellcheck is proposing breaking up “artisanal” into three component words. Spellcheck has a dirty mind.

      1. Efogoto

        At 3 pages, each being one part of the story (I assume), they will each have to be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long. It’s probably better to go with the 400 page count, dividing each part into multiple pages. Just a suggestion.

        (And, yes, I know, Christopher meant 300 to 400 when he wrote 3-to-400, but where’s the fun in that?)

      2. Meran

        Yay! If, somehow, I miss the announcement, can you email me?

        I ~~love my Little Dee page I bought. ????

        Definitely want these! That size book is ok too. I’ve bought a few other webcomics in books. Not a strange concept to me.

        Hmm. I should shop this comic around again. I have some friends who may get a kick out of them..l

    1. Kevin Miller

      Don’t be so quick to decide.

      Gahrechht, clearly has a deft command of narrative and energy weapons.

      Sure his vocabulary seems a little limited but what thorny plot issue can’t be solved with a good hard ZAP!

      1. Muzhik

        … but what thorny plot issue can’t be solved with a good hard ZAP!

        @Kevin Miller, as the saying goes,

        “There is no problem on earth that cannot be solved with the proper application of high explosives.”

  3. Herandar

    I would love to have Jabby narrate, and be an utterly unreliable narrator, and every other strip is the other characters correcting Jabby’s version of events with one much closer to reality.

    Might get to be a tiring gimmick though.

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