08/20/18 – Spacetrawler Part 3




Part 3 has begun, with the usual tangentially related intro strip. Enjoy!


  1. Coyoty

    This is why you don’t hear of anyone learning to talk with dolphins. It’s not that hard, but everyone who does is so disgusted with them, they keep it quiet, and hope dolphins never learn to talk with us.

  2. TB

    The idea of telepaths having to remain perpetually drunk has shown up in more than one story I’ve read.

    In comic books, some people wear telepathy-proof helmets to keep telepaths from controlling them. Weirdly, I’ve never seen a telepath wearing one, and you’d think they’d be the biggest market.

  3. DSL

    Makes me think of Kzanol the Thrint, from Niven’s “World of Ptaavs.” A telepath with some ability to control others minds, he finds himself bombarded by the thoughts of all the Earthmen around him and brain-broadcasts: “STOP THINKING AT ME!” — and everyone within a few miles’ radius goes catatonic.

  4. andreas

    Not so sure whether telepathy, though flashy, really is “something more” than enlightenment (panel 3) rather than something else.

    Spiritual practitioners who have awakening experiences often have come to see even the meanest, most destructive behaviors of others as merely confused, letting go evaluations such as “positive” and “negative”.

    Such enlightenment would certainly come in especially handy when achieving a direct connection to all those mean and dirty thoughts of others, as it would reduce the need to blunt the newly developed sensibilities through boozing to regain peace of mind…

  5. Peter Rogan

    A belief in the goodness and positive energy of others so easily dispelled wasn’t tightly held to begin with. Nymbock has forgotten that every bit of life, from virus to transcendent beings, is a refutation of entropy — a negation of the principle of growing disorder, decreasing complexity. We are indeed positive energy in its purest form, given the power to contemplate ourselves and arrange other forms of order for our thoughts and our society. That we stumble and fall does not change the basic fact of anti-entropy. While we live, we can do more than any other combination of matter and energy.

    Sorry Nymbock seems to have lost the path. But the path still exists, waiting to be found again.

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