8/30/18 – Chamomile




Cruelty IS so democratically accessible, isn’t it?


  1. Jude

    Spacetrawler Part III: New adventures with our lovable crew minus Nogg when EVERYBODY finally mutineed.

    Sometimes I wonder how Nogg has survived this long. He has to be totally clueless to not know better than setting Yuri off. Even if Yuri was a gentle calm person normally, that’s no way to act when someone asks if you’d like tea. Mr. Zorilla and Nogg would be great friends if they weren’t so selfish.

    1. CADirk

      I think that’s Maricio’s saving grace, whatever happens, there are always alpacas.
      And alpacas are fluffy, quiet, docile, calm, and you’re outdoors, fesh air too. It’s a form of mediation perhaps.

  2. Muzhik

    That was the BRIG of the ship? Maybe I have low standards, but that didn’t seem too brig-ish to me. I’ve lived in dorm rooms that were more sparsely furnished and decorated.

    Chairs and tables fastened to the floor? Well, it’s a SPACE ship. When (NOT IF — the worst disasters happen when people say, “Well, THAT will never happen!”) the ship’s gravity should fail, probably while the ship is being attacked, you don’t want to fend off attacks from errant furnishings, do you? Lends a whole new meaning to the phrase, “pillow fight.”

    Mop against the wall? It’s positioned that way to cover up a nook where Yuri had stashed a blaster “just in case.” Or maybe a machete.

    What say we lock up Nogg for a week with my Grandma? She would really learn him some manners. If she heard that I EVER talked to my host that way, she would rise up and strike me down. Plus, she’s been dead for lo these many years, so that’s something NOBODY wants to see.

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