10/25/18 – Not Kidding




The most emotionally bare non-reveal Anesu is able to share. I imagine her as often amused, but rather lonely.


    1. Strain Of Thought

      For some reason I keep completely forgetting that Anesu is female. Maybe all the weird looking aliens have desensitized me to the point of not even trying to read gender cues in this comic.

  1. Nomi

    I love both Choan & Anesu. Eminently practical and realistic, those two. Even their idealisms (such as they are) are subject to their practicality.
    Did Anesu get her teeth fixed? Looks like a full shiny set from that grin, after getting some knocked out by Pilot.

    1. Chupes

      Perhaps due to my native tongue i’ve always pronounced “Koan” actually.
      and Anesu similar to “bless YOU”.
      Wow. 1st time ever commenting and i’ve been reading since the early days of 1st series.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Poor Anesu. She can never be offstage. Never. Or people will figure out there’s a real life behind that illusion, which she can’t bear to have seen. Besides, it would undo SO many schemes and practical jokes to come.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Anesu is afraid of intimacy even to a simple hug. Her act can keep people away from her yet hold their attention. Great stuff. And nice to be around enough technology to get things fixed. Though no resurrections I see. Probably illegal.

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